By Nicky Cash (Modesto, Ca)


I was excited to see this movie and while I realize that there is not a whole lot of time to really get into the depth of the matter; this movie took an awful look at the world’s greatest book, the Bible. If you had enough time to bother telling us that angels defected from heaven then you should have told us the whole true story. In effect you told us your erroneous version of lies; which left me hatting your Noah.

In the Bible, Noah, while not perfect, was God’s friend. In your version Noah was retarded and for that matter your version did not venture in the whole purpose of the deluge. Noah did not have help other than that of the faithful eight souls that did survive the great flood. God spoke to Noah with his voice. Noah was to preach of God’s coming Kingdom. The purpose was for Noah to preach, seeking to save all and any who has love for the true God. At that time only eight souls were found.

Two of each species was to be saved because God’s original purpose is for the whole earth to be a park-like environment, where animals and man live united. The earth is made to stand for ever. When the Bible speaks of getting rid of the world it is speaking of the evil people and spirits that infect the earth. This movies Noah was selfish, careless, and unthoughtful.

While the graphics and the idea where nice, overall the producers idea or version of events was a total failure. The light has nothing in common with the darkness. Fallen angels where only God’s enemy and they never had a hand in true worship or otherwise.

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