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Another Youtube Feature Project.

Now I’m a long time subscriber of Mr. Dawson and I personally enjoy seeing the struggle of artists and creators as they try to break into the mainstream. I’d also like to think that my two cents is worth something to someone who clearly takes his time to read comments on Youtube, Facebook, Twitter and whatever else.

First off, in catering to a millennial generation he did decently what a lot of movies tend to miss the mark on and that’s properly integrating technology and the Internet into the movie without it being too awkward and distracting – unlike the small time Youtuber ode to horror movies Smiley, of which Shane also played a major role, whose audience wouldn’t even bother to waste time watching the film let alone taking it seriously. And that comment is pretty much the only good or decent thing worth saying about this movie because it feels like it was written by – there isn’t even a proper category of persons who could enjoy such a movie.

Let me state though that the idea at its core was good. A raunchy, outrageously funny comedy movie of sorts? I’m still not entirely sure. I can’t even give this movie a proper synopsis because there is none. There is no structure or proper characterization throughout this entire movie. Any plot development of the sort isn’t shown – we the audience have to infer half of everything or wait until we’re told by the characters constantly why such and such is so and even then some things are never explained and are just left to be accepted as so like why Dawson’s character called tori the nickname in the first place and so on – it wouldn’t matter if it wasn’t a major plot point.

The movie also feels random and jumpy like someone mixed up the storyboards so you have to pay close attention to what the characters are saying because you’ll miss something important and be completely lost. The 90+mins to explain your claims in the movie feel wasted by offensive humor, cheap shots and unimportant scenes. Why not use that time to show more background of your characters, like your own character and WHY he is ‘popular’ because all throughout the movie he’s shown to be a loser. I get that that was the point, but one character (who seems to be a ‘loser’ herself) affirming that you were popular one time in high school is just not convincing enough. There should have also been more on Tori and her relationship with her blind sister (played by Dawson’s girlfriend) who in fact should have really had more screen time along with Tori’s family who shone on the screen given their limited input.

On that note, all the side characters are ‘barely there’ and the short time on screen they are, they dominate enough to bring the film back to a sense of normalcy before being smothered by some untimely placed fart or sex joke. At times it’s even hard to tell who the main character of the story is: Dawson, Dawson’s wigged characters, or Tori? I wished I watched the credits to see if half the people in the movie were even credited by name, because they didn’t need to be, they might as well not have been in the movie at all. The main (side) cast was also terribly underutilized and were only thrown in as a half-hearted side plot.

Aside from the cheesy and poorly timed music placements, shaky cams and other amateurish maneuvers the film could have been something great. But then there were the Shane Dawson signature jokes. Now I’m a subscriber, and I stopped watching videos long ago (with obvious reason) and I understand his humor totally. I get it. I’d say for me personally it’s usually a hit or miss but this movie was definitely a far flung miscalculation. It’s like it had the potential to be funny at times but it was just so over the top that it missed funny and went straight to awkward and uncomfortable. I don’t think his intention was to be racist or offensive to anyone in particular, however, you put yourself out there in the mainstream and the real question is – is Starz OK with a movie like this behind their name?

It is grossly offensive, in many ways, but I find myself more feeling awkward than offended or angry. I feel the same way as when I saw how Korean comedians and entertainers (even up to the Lunar new year 2014) would paint themselves in black face and parade around on stage and that was funny for them. Were they trying to offend anyone? No, I’m sure they weren’t. Is Dawson? No, I’m sure he’s not. But it’s that level of ignorance and that mantra of I can say ‘anything’ and portray it however I want that seeps into the mainstream and we cannot even laugh at it even if we wanted to, all we can do is just stare bewildered and unsure of how to feel or say or approach it. The saddest part is that his fans are hyping the movie and raising its ranks, lashing out at anyone who might berate or even offer constructive criticism to his work to help better himself as a creator.

Maybe he might take the chair from his tamer, safe route counterpart, but is that truly fair? And is it good esteem for his film career? To be taken seriously is an understatement – who would give someone like this a second chance, after watching his film from start to finish. If another one of these movies is going to come onto the market, I don’t care who it is you shouldn’t even have access to another job if this is what you’re going to put out. I would implore him to look at the reviews and review his film critically for the sake of his career.

Was it bad? No…? Was it good? Fuck, no. It’s hovering between the category of ‘so bad, it’s bad’ and ‘bad’ & ‘bad’ and ‘maybe good?’ It is the prime definition of what the actual fuck? Literally, what the actual fuck? This movie is a film critics dream come true. It should not go up for any awards or accolades of the sort nor should any of its cast. It is a movie that should be buried in a landfill somewhere as lost footage and forgotten. Or, put it on the curriculum of film school’s everywhere next semester so they can critique it wholeheartedly, at least it’ll get some use out of it. The jokes came across as overly mocking, offensive, and just plain mean and uncalled for. It was like someone told a joke and then murdered it consistently all in the same minute.

All in all his movie was like the juice leaking out of my garbage bag or the after taste of fresh vomit in my mouth. It cannot even be considered to be truly “bad,” because at the core it’s not and I believe that he has more insight than many of his other Youtube companions into how filmmaking works, and how to cater to his type of audience but he poorly demonstrated that with this movie that is as it name claims totally Not Cool.


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