By Carlo Pierri (Philippines)


Olympus Has Definitely Fallen

The thematic endeavor that seeks answers in the film begs the question “Does the intermittent relations of America and South Korea towards North Korea an issue that requires constant surveillance of an imminent political and social threat?”

The concurrent events of the escalating tensions in the Korean peninsula coupled with the release of the film puts a huge emphasis not only to entertain the audience within the bounds of this action film but to educate the masses of a possible threat to one of the most guarded building in the world—the White House.

The story of the film revolves around the infiltration of the White House by North Korean operatives taking the President of the United States and his cabinet member’s hostage as a result. The story continues on to present the purpose of invading the White House was to make a declaration of the long suffering and turmoil of the Korean peninsula due to the result of America’s involvement in the Korean War in the 1950’s. It is a plausible cause for such a catastrophic event to take place.

Though this issue brings back to light this issue, the cause and effects of the film offers the audiences a bland taste of yet another action film. Furthermore, the predictability of the characters motives lulls the audiences to sleep. Gerard Butler delivers a mediocre performance along with other A-list actors Aaron Eckhart and Morgan Freeman.

This is a film that does not require any thinking at all as the audience will be guided through the whole film. Since an action film mainly focuses on the adrenaline rush of pulsating actions and explosions, feel free to enjoy to your heart’s content.


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