Starring: Josh Brolin, Miles Teller, Jeff Bridges, James Badge Dale, Taylor Kitsch, Jennifer Connelly, Scott Haze, Alex Russell, Ben Hardy, Andie MacDowell

Story: Bio-drama directed by Joseph Kosinski based on the true story of the elite crew of firefighters, called the Granite Mountain Hotshots, who battled Yarnell Hill Fire, a wildfire in Prescott, Arizona in 2013 that claimed the lives of 19 members of their team. The story focuses on the intensity of the danger and the team’s camaraderie where through hope, determination, sacrifice, and the drive to protect families, communities, and our country become one of the most elite firefighting teams in the country.


Best Quotes from Trailer:

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Marsh: I worked this blaze near Montana, in the blink of an eye this fire everywhere, and then charging out of these flames comes this bear on fire. That was the most beautiful and terrible thing I’ve ever seen.


Brendan McDonough: I heard you guys had some slots available.
Firefighter: Are you lost or…
Marsh: We’ve got one slot open.


Marsh: Do you know what we’re training for?
Brendan McDonough: Hotshots get to engage the fire directly. If you give me a chance I won’t let you down. I just had a daughter and I just really want to give her what I never had.


Man #1: A sea of team of six picks up firefighters.


Marsh: Sooner or later a fire is going to come knocking in our hometown. I’ve been training for over four years. We’ve got all our hours, all our qualifications, but until we’re certified Hotshots my crew won’t even be able to set foot on the line.
Man #1: I told you it wouldn’t be easy.


Amanda Marsh: Do you want to talk about it or do you want to do your John Wayne thing?
Marsh: Mm-mm.


Amanda’s Friend: [to Amanda] It’s not easy sharing your man with a fire.


[to his crew]
Marsh: I want you to all breathe in this beautiful vista, because you’re never going to be able to look out into the wild and see that pure beauty again.


Marsh: If this ain’t the greatest job in the world, I don’t know what is.


Man #2: The fire is threatening homes and people’s lives. I want Granite Mountain.
Marsh: There it is. You’re Hotshots.


Man #3: The fire gets passed our line it goes over to our town.


Marsh: We’re only seconds away, it’s going to feel like the end of the world. As long as you can breathe you can survive.


Brendan’s Wife: She’s barely seen you for the past few months.
Brendan McDonough: I’m sorry.


Marsh: No one could be prouder of his boys than I am of you guys.


Marsh: [to the fire] You want a piece of me, come and get it.


Only the Brave is set to open in the UK 09/22/2017 and US 10/20/2017.



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