By Reshma Mohiyiddin (Bangalore)


Plot: Pawn Sacrifice is based on a true story. Bobby Fischer’s (Toby Maguire) only aim in life since he was a child was to be the youngest chess grand master. To attain this he distances himself from his family and everything else. He plays chess 18 hours every day to reach his goal. All he has in his mind is chess, and in the process he starts to lose his mental stability.

My view: Pawn Sacrifice has been directed well, the movie has a lot of tense nail biting moments and it has its bit of comedy too. At close to a running time of 2 hours the movie is perfect to watch. Toby Maguire as Bobby Fischer has portrayed his arrogance, over confidence and madness convincingly. The dialogue delivery and body language adds to it.

The priest and the lawyer support Fischer. Liev Schreiber as Boris Spassky who is the world number one chess grandmaster has the look of the wild animal who is ready to pounce on its prey. His looks are intimidating and can scare any of his opponents facing him.

Fischer’s mom and sister do not have much of a role, but they are required to add a personal touch to the movie.

The title of the movie is from one of the moves Fischer makes in a game. Though everybody can predict the climax of the movie, the tense moments are maintained when required. On the whole Pawn Sacrifice is enjoyable.

Quotes that caught me:

“A poor boy from Brooklyn fights the entire Soviet Union.”

“I never knew priests could use bad words.”


Toby Maguire is one of the producers of this movie.

Bobby Fischer started playing chess at the age of 6.

Remometer: 3.5/5


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