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Courage, strength, brotherhood, are a few words you could use to describe the movie, Remember the Titans. This movie shows the struggles of southern states in the 1970’s, and what one amazing team went through to prove judgment can’t be passed based on the color of one’s skin. Remember the Titans is a Disney movie but that does not mean it is meant just for kids. People of all ages will enjoy this movie. This is a heart-warming movie that shows the hardships the team goes through while remaining light hearted. The production, script, and acting were very well done and the social themes still have rapport today.

The premise of Remember the Titans is based around the south in the 1970’s. In the city of Alexandria, Virginia segregated schools are forced to integrate. The conflict arises when two competing football coaches are forced to integrate the football team as well. The production that went into this movie creates a spot-on interpretation of this time period in America.

This production shows an accurate portrayal of the era. The costumes are well done in having the hippie look or flared pants along with big collared shirts. The costumes are apparent on picketers outside the school. The props used in the movie, such as the cars involved in the car accident, were pristine examples of the 1970’s. Framed by the battlefield of Gettysburg, there so much bloodshed of the civil war occurred Herman Boon (Denzel Washington) gives an inspiring speech to his players about bigotry that was fought then and still experienced today.

The stand out performance given by Denzel Washington is aided by a well-written script. At the start he seem like a tough cold guy at times who wants to win at all costs. As the movie progresses you start to see past his tough exterior and begin to see the love and passion he has for the team. The inspirational speech given by Washington’s character provides insight into the racial inequality’s African Americans experienced at the time without coming off as cliché. The locker room speeches he gives come alive not just because of Washington’s performance but because the way they are written strike a chord in the competitor in all of us.

Disney never fails to produce a wonderful movie that anyone will enjoy. Unlike the animated movies, it is more serious at times and dramatic, like the movie Glory Road (2006). Years later this movie is still enjoyable and timeless.


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