By Joe Chadowski


Rush tells the true story of the heated rivalry between two Formula 1 drivers; playboy and hot head James Hunt (Thor’s Chris Hemsworth) and level-headed and calculated Niki Lauda (a brilliant Daniel Bruhl). Rush begins with their humble beginnings in Formula 3 and their instant distaste for each other, and continues with their rise to Formula 1 and Niki Lauda’s infamous crash that almost claimed his life.

Rush gets off to a rocky start, but once it gets its footing it envelops you in an atmosphere that is gloriously 70’s. The cars, the hair, and vibrate colors is pure time machine. Rush is a born entertainer, a natural extrovert, the people are beautiful, the cars are flash, the sun is bright, the locations are breathtaking and the action is remarkable. You are constantly bombarded with high quality sensations. It’s a dazzling experience.

Rush is fun in a superficial sort of way, but the script only sporadically delves below surface of its source material. It comes down to the script not spending enough time on Hunt and Lauda’s rivalry and hanging around too long on some of its side plots. Also, there is no reason this movie needed to be “R” rated. The sex scenes and cursing could have easily been toned down or cut all together and taken nothing away from the core of Rush’s appeal. In fact it would have streamlined the script and made Rush appeal to a wider audience.

Don’t worry, you probably won’t notice my complaints, and if you do you won’t care a damn. Rush is entertaining, gloriously action packed, beautiful to look at and is exceptionally well executed. Ron Howard’s directing, particularly during the racing scenes is stellar and Hans Zimmer’s scoring is hair-raisingly awesome.

Rush is refreshingly slick, suave and adrenaline-infused. I say you’ll be beguiled by it like I have, but the feeling won’t resonate.

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