By Jackson Day (Southend-on-sea, Essex)


Watching this film starts out like this, what I’m doing right now. Something I enjoying doing, The Rock (Dwayne Johnson) doing his thing saving the day in a more everyday kind of way. If that’s possible when navigating a helicopter into a tight crevice.

From the outset his character is clear, a big guy with no emotional movement. But as the film builds towards its climax, our hero Ray (Dwayne Johnson) reaches an emotional state to in which cracks in his tough exterior start show. He speaks about his past for the first time with ex-partner Emma (Carla Gugino).

With this film really comes three storylines, that of the views of the seismology department of Caltech, which focuses on the work of Lawrence and Dr. Kim Park and their discovery of predicting earthquakes. We also have the story of ‘Blake’, Ray’s daughter who of course is a master in survival techniques and with a little help from Ben and Ollie she makes her way around San Francisco looking for places to meet Ray and finally how Ray and Emma get across state to save their daughter. The speed of which these three stories are balanced is not of balance for a film set in a disaster scenario.

Andrew Lockington has excelled himself, with the musical score having to change so quickly in some situations to help prepare the audience for the next scene. Andrew has challenged people everywhere not to get a tear in their eye at any stage of the film as the music toyed with my emotions though-out.

I felt the overall performance from Dwayne Johnson was a tad bit predictable and stiff, for his first real box office film title. I was disappointed by his lack of sheer force and will power but that’s either a bad thing about this film or a clever move from director Brad Peyton. Showing a man whose known for power and force brought down to his knees by an overcoming of his emotions was a move that I will never full understand if it paid off or not.

I give the film a rating of 7.1/10 as it was lacking in originality and uniqueness that you look for in a film within this genre.


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