Satyagraha (2013) Movie Review

by Aditya
(New Delhi, India)

The Need To Protest Against The Quality of Movies Made In Bollywood

Satyagraha is as bad a movie gets with good actors.

Not expected from someone like Prakash Jha who has made masterpieces like Gangajal, Apharan and Rajneeti. In this movie he completely misses the target, tries to show too many things at once and does justice to none. The Anna Hazare movement has been dealt with rather ridiculously with a rock band shouting lame slogans like 'Janta Rocks' which neither moves you nor inspires you in any way. The sudden inclusion of the Mandal commission immolation incident has been included recklessly and is totally out of sync with the movie. There are several incomplete portions which leaves the viewer thinking.

The only good part is probably the performances from veterans like Amitabh Bachan and Ajay Devgn but the movie lacks the script to support their talent. Kareena Kapoor looks absolutely beautiful throughout but you often wonder if she is actually playing the role of a tough journalist as she is often spotted smiling when crowds gather symbolizing the need for TRPs of a news channel. Arjun Rampal fits the bill of a local leader but only in terms of looks as he hardly gets to speak. Amrita Rao is not even worth mentioning. Manoj Bajpayee is at his best but surely is getting repetitive with each Prakash Jha movie portraying him as a shrewd politician.

ABP news has been advertised throughout along with stupid inclusions for India Gate rice and Rupa vests, not to miss Ultratech Cement which gets leverage from the makers that all other companies' cement could result in something as devastating as falling of a flyover slab!!

The ending is the worst one could imagine and also the best in the way that it ends your trauma to sit through it. Give it a won't regret it.

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