By Nile Ross (Chandler, AZ, USA)


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Sausage Party is one of the most outrageous and daring movies released to Hollywood in decades. Only the masterminds and camp of Seth Rogen could come up with something so vulgar yet sentimental at the same time to reach a feat like this. To bring a talking hot dog and a voluptuous bun to life and use these characters to challenge the real world issues that many humans face in our world today is just genius.

The movie takes place in a local grocery store called “Shopwell’s” where the food has their own hopes and dreams to be chosen by the gods (humans) to go to the “Great Beyond” which represents reaching true happiness, freedom and perhaps a place where they can finally fulfill all of their sexual desires, except it’s the exact opposite of what they would ever imagine. Sausage Party is filled with back to back and absolutely offensive jokes on race, religion, sexuality and food porn pretty much. You have to mentally and spiritually let go of all your beliefs and morals when you watch this movie to truly see how special and real this movie really is. Honestly I haven’t looked at my food the same after watching this film or my very existence on this planet but that’s beside the point. This movie is a wild rollercoaster that pushes the envelope on everything we humans have been taught or believe in our society.

The reason this movie will connect to people so well is because of how humanized and similar the foods values and personalities are to ours in the real world. So virtually we understand where these animated characters are coming from when all of their beliefs about a higher power coming to save them becomes a reality check for them and how they might just be chasing an idea that has been passed down in generations to ease their minds from what really happens once they reach “The Great Beyond”. Yeah… it’s going to hit the audience just as hard because no one is positively sure what happens when we reach whatever our “Great Beyond” is. Which in return will leave some people angry and or offended for making us question what we believe is 100% right.

Personally I loved it for that very reason, amongst the great voice acting, surprisingly thought out and executed story line, corny food jokes (Hah, get it? “Corny” food jokes) and originality, I give this movie a 10/10 hands down. I recommend anyone older 18 to watch this film if they really want to test their humor. This will go down as another classic movie in animated history. Good job Seth.

Rating: 5/5



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