By Josh Wheeler (Kansas City)


“That looks fun”. That was the expectation my friends and I had for the movie Seventh Son. To expect any more than that would be a set up for a letdown.

The movie, although based around the seventh son of a seventh son, revolved mainly around Jeff Bridges character, Gregory the Spook. This character was the typical grisly veteran of his trade who didn’t give too much of a crap for his underlings. While we’ve seen this Jeff plenty of times before this movie, he is still enjoyable and preforms as best as he is able within the confines of this easily outlined film.

By easily outlined I mean the plot was nothing in need of deciphering. If you wanted to ruin the story of a Clash of the Titans level film for yourself, you would not be hard pressed to surmise the plot within the first five minutes of the story.

One thing that bothered me about the movie was that the character Gregory took the time to mention by name the Lord of Swords. He was bluish in color and had six arms. This character got maybe five minutes of screen time tops, and was defeated by a woman who had no earthly reason to be able to take down a six armed supposed sword master, using wooden sticks for weapons.

Throughout the movie, it was quite noticeable that this was filmed in North America. The scenery was mostly mountainous but it left you wanting. For a fantasy movie, the scenery just was not very magical.

In conclusion, I would say that you should wait till you can rent it, grab a twelve pack, and watch it with the guys on a Friday night.


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