By Charlotte Bennett (Worthing, West Sussex, England)


So, I saw Skyfall at the weekend and though it was bloody brilliant! After seeing it I can really understand all the hype about this remarkable film. I really thought Skyfall had everything really. It had humor, romance, sadness and a hell of a lot of action. Yeah, I understand it ‘wasn’t a typical Bond film’ but isn’t that a good thing?

The open sequence defiantly live up to the Bond expectations with the fights, the guns and generally all the action from the infamous James Bond. There was the scene across the roof tops with the bikes and before that the one in the market place which was filled with car chases and action throughout. Then lead onto the train scene and that was fab as well. There were trains, guns, fighting, cranes… what more could you want?

Then lead onto the title sequence which I thought was great. With Adele’s Skyfall playing in the background, it really built the excitement. The title sequence kept the old, well known Bond stuff in there but added a few modern twists as well, which I really loved.

These action packed scenes continued throughout the film. I especially loved the one in the casino with the giant lizards. It was exciting to watch and built up a lot of suspense. Here we got to see James Bond in his element, carrying out the fights we love best.

As usual Daniel Craig and Judi Dench were exceptionally amazing and the Bond girls were pretty fab too. I mean James Bond wouldn’t be James Bond without a few hopeless lovers now would he?! And talking about characters, I thought Javier Bardem played Silva absolutely brilliantly. He was everything a villain should be: strong, determined and rather crazy. But despite his villainy ways, I couldn’t help feel sorry for Silva and times. I mean he’s had a pretty rough life now hasn’t he?

Another new character was Q played by Ben Whishaw. Now he was pretty hilarious. I mean, appears at first as a normal guy, bit of a 1st class geek, but turned out to be just as thrill seeking as the rest of them. And boy was he clever?! And then there’s Ralph Fiennes playing Gareth Mallory. At first he seemed to be a really mean one, trying to get rid of the M we all know and love.

And the well love Aston DV6 was back in the film! You know you loved the scene with James and M in that car. It brought back happy memories of Bond and made us all laugh when her threatened to push the eject button. What a great car!

I don’t know about you but I sure as hell had a few tears at the scene with James and M towards the end. I mean James Bond cried himself, what does that tell you? It was sad right?! The end was pretty fab too, I mean it’s so open now. MI6 is now all fresh and new again. There’s a clean slate, a new start. We’re back to the old times with Miss Moneypenny and M behind that leather door. Sounds good to me, and I for one can’t wait for the next Bond film!

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