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I watched the new Bond film Skyfall. I have read so many reviews which praise this movie; personally I thought it was rubbish. Possibly the worst Bond movie ever! The biggest stunts or kind of fast action is at the beginning with the old fight on a train roof routine(how original) blah…an excavator eating the train roof, almost good but it was nothing that outdid any previous Bond Stunt. This is one slow movie, it’s so slow, and drawn out. Daniel Craig never says much, just walks around looking tough, chasing some bent policeman or something who is about as frightening as my grandmother.

Bond movies at minimum are supposed to have massive secret bases, massive stunts and sexy girls. This movie lacks all these aspects, unless you see Judy Dench as sexy, or that plain Jane who shoots him and then has to save him or something. Bonds supposed to save and seduce the girl not the other way around.

The stunts are lame and few for a bond movie. They probably call it Skyfall because he makes a guy fall off a skyscraper. This scene at night has virtually no sound, a guy falls and a girl looks out a window. Wow, how exciting. A train falls through the roof, or something. This was probably the biggest piece of so called stunts or effects in the movie and even that seemed to happen like it was in slow motion. Even when something does happen it seems like it’s in slow motion.

Daniel Craig was OK in Cowboys & Aliens, but unconvincing as Bond. Roger Moore had the style, Connery had the voice, Pierce Brosnan the looks and the charisma, but alas Daniel fails to measure up to any of that. Overall it fails to hold the viewer’s attention, it’s slow, full of useless dialog, to fill in the many gaps. My mind kept wandering and I found myself looking out the window. Even after a second and third viewing I was still trying to work out what all the fuss is with this totally awful movie.

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