By EMR (Spain)


After just watching the latest bond movie, Skyfall, I found myself having mixed emotions about the movie, mostly negative.

Let’s face the facts: while a very good movie from a technical standpoint it definitely falls flat as an action movie and a Bond movie. My points are the following:

1) The Villain: Javier Bardem is basically the Joker from The Dark Knight, gay and somehow looking less plausible than the actual Joker.


Javier Bardem playing a gay Joker


The actual Joker

2) This movie rip-off so many current movie that loses all its personality, it tries to emulate the villain and tone of The Dark Knight, the realism of the Bourne movies, the ‘old man’ coming back despite all the odds; from every movie ever etc.

3) This movies biggest crime is not feeling like a Bond movie.

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