By Matthew Turner (Birmingham)


Way back in the 90s there were movies which came out that were of two types. The first type was the buddy movie were usually two actors who were the particular hot property of that era were thrown together in a movie as long suffering law enforcement partners or perhaps a family movie about parenthood or family values. There were also the usual horrors and love stories as well as comedies. However, out of the blue there became a whisper that an action movie based on a bus in America was due to come out and most of the story would take place on said bus. Not much interest was taken in this news and the title which became Speed was cast, shot and released to the public.

I remember going to the cinema with mild excitement because the title Speed suggested we were in for a fast ride and boy I wasn’t wrong. For starters, I thought Keanu Reeves was a great choice as Jack Traven and Dennis Hopper revelled in his role as a great villain, but for me it was Sandra Bullock who held this movie together, we first see her boarding a bus on a normal day going to work and we also see the other passengers on the bus and we fast realise what their roles would be in the movie, what followed after a brief build up was a class act of suspense and action movie making, I remember feeling as though I was aboard the bus and with every swerve, turn and crash I was in there hoping something or someone would know how to stop this bus that couldn’t slow down.

The battle of wills between Keanu and Dennis was amazing and I can honestly say that since then I have not seen a movie which took my breath away as much as Speed did. The less said about Speed 2: Cruise Control the better.


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