By Karina (Netherlands)


Probably the worst movie I have ever watched. It may be enticing to watch it with known names (not for their brilliant acting carriers) but because you have heard or read the names at least once in your life. I am talking about Selena Gomes; Vanessa Hudgens and well…James Franco! This movie, pretty much portrays a bunch of under aged girls acting like little sluts, doing cocaine and going around killing people, thinking Spring Break is the time of their lives. Than to top it up, James Franco with his REALLY bad acting as “Pseudo Gangsta” (dealing drugs and acting like “white boy wanting to be black” syndrome of course) / bad rapper.

Well, this “Pseudo Gangsta” / bad rapper has a white piano outside his home to sing BRITNEY SPEARS “I guess I need you baby”. OMG. I wanted to literally kill myself when I watched this particular scene.

NOT to mention the bad acting of the young “actresses” who look like they enjoy spending time in their bikinis showing their tits and bums on camera. All the time.

It is beyond ridiculous the attempt of the director to make this movie to look like a “soft porn” illustration of young girls getting “down and dirty” sort of thing. Really disgusting. Oh and there is a rather sad scene of a “ménage a trois” between Ashley Benson, Vanessa Hudgens and James Franco in a swimming pool…Sounds pretty tempting to watch, right? Well it isn’t. It is poorly acted and borderline cliché of the bad boy who shags the wild (but stupid) under aged girls.

The whole movie is a complete waste of time and I feel sorry for the girls in it (well they obviously chose this very deep and meaningful acting role that will upper their acting careers) but some of the scenes were pretty graphic. I mean they were really showing it off on cameras. Appearing pretty much naked doing cocaine with a bunch of drunks does not seem the right decision in your acting career. I understand some young girls want to make a statement in movies by going all out there but in this movie makes no sense. It just makes them look bad and cheap.

Overall the whole message and argument of this movie sucks.


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