By Val Andrews (Warrington)


Apart from the title, which no one is going to remember, this is an example of British movie-making at its best: complex characters, moving and subtle acting a thought-provoking subject.

It certainly needs its 18 certificate, mainly because of the language, but it also needs the language to convey the desperate machismo and violence of prisoners. And if a couple of 70+ ladies can stand it so can you. And there is humour too.

Plot briefly is about a violent youngster who is sent to adult prison. We are always on his side. There he encounters his Dad, a lifer quite high up in the prison’s power hierarchy. They care about each other but have almost no ability to show it. We worry about the lad a lot because we know bad things are going to happen to him, partly, of course, of his own making. Dad worries about him too but generally does the wrong things.

Enough plot, don’t want to spoil it for you.


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