By Valkerie Jones (USA)


Sucker Punch Movie Review and Rant!

For the record, I am telling you now, that this is an opinionated article and these are MY thoughts and feelings on the movies and of others review of the movies.

There was much talk and controversy of the movie Sucker Punch in 2011. Many people felt as though it objectified women in an unfair and inappropriate way. Zach Snyder has made a one-of-a-kind movie that empowers young women, because it actually puts women in the action position for a change. Many people hated the film because they thought that women should not be portrayed in such a way, but I think that those people are unfair to Zach Snyder and to women in general, because why can’t WOMEN be the action heroes for a change?

Why can’t WOMEN be badass and cool just like men from The A-Team for example? I dislike those people with hateful comments of that nature and can’t see it from mine, or Zach Snyder’s opinions. Critics also had a problem with the movie because there were 2 almost “rape” scenes in the movie. One being caused by the chef and one being caused by the Antagonist, Blue. What do people expect out of “bad guy” characters such as these two? Do they expect that Blue would have just gave her chocolates and said “I love you”? NO, because Blue is a bad man and as expected, his actions would reflect as much.

Some people find it possible to empathize with the director, Zach Snyder. They can’t see it from his point of view, and just appreciate the hard work he did on Sucker Punch. They compare the action scenes and plot to being “exactly like a bad video game”, but I do not feel as such. Just because it has colorful action scenes and robots, mecha, dragons, and orcs, it does NOT mean that it is like a video game. Many video games are based on real life and are different than this movie entirely, such as The Sims for example.

Whatever you think about the film, perhaps you will be more open minded now, and learn to appreciate director’s hard work and determination on films such as these.


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