By Josh Zerbini (Clarks Green, PA)


Have you ever been bitter or held a grudge against someone in your life? Has that anger evolved into a strong desire to enact revenge towards that person?

Well this is exactly the case in the movie Taken. Liam Neeson plays the role of a Central Intelligence Agent who has recently retired so he can live closer to his beloved daughter who is played by Maggie Grace (who has played minor roles in both Lost and Knight and Day). The daughter invokes on a trip to Paris on a trip with friends where she is then kidnapped. Do not be alarmed. This is not a spoiler alert (look at the title of the movie). This movie portrays the love, devotion, and courage of a father who takes dangerous risks to try everything in his might and power to bring his daughter back. Does he do so? I guess you will just have to find out.

I enjoyed this movie from beginning to end. In fact I have watched this movie four different times in different states in the span of one week. Does that give you any insight into my love for the movie? I enjoyed the cast chosen for this movie; I am a big Liam Neeson fan (A-Team, Star Wars anyone?). The director of this movie is Pierre Morel (also director of the Transporter movie series), who in my opinion conveyed the theme perfectly. The theme of this movie has been done several times before, but not as intense as conveyed in this movie. Neeson digs deep into his role and can be seen throughout the entire movie. His devotion for his daughter can be seen in all of his emotions. This movie is a must see for all audiences, but especially for you fathers out there. Unfortunately since this article is designed as a plugin as well as for sharing my opinion, I can not reveal any more information, as to avoid “spoiler alerts”. But I will leave with you a short quote from Neeson’s character as to possibly entice you to watch this movie at some point.

“If you let my daughter go now, that’ll be the end of it. I will not look for you, I will not pursue you. But if you don’t, I will look for you, I will find you, and I will kill you.”

If you have seen this movie please share your thoughts. Did you like Liam Neeson and how he portrayed his character Is this just another one of those “been done same way before” movies, or is this a fresh new look at the theme? Should the development make a sequel? If you didn’t like Taken, please share why!


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