By Danny


No doubt, the movie was fun, the turtles had turtle power, but everything else…was not for me.

Kids will probably love this film, but from an adult perspective…no.

Megan Fox was horrible, all I saw from her was Mikaela Banes from Transformers.


They cut the dancing part in the elevator out; they were beatboxing that’s it.

Shredder was stupid, his voice wasn’t as “badass or deep” like he is supposed to be, he sounded like a chicken. When he asked “where is the fourth turtle” a foot soldier says “dead” like the foot soldier didn’t even prove it or anything and shredder was just like “ok”.

Another complaint, they didn’t follow the origin story at all, it had an original story. Master Splinter taught himself Ninjutsu…what? Where the heck is YOSHI?

Why did Oroku Saki have burn scars on his face?

The rat’s whiskers were really creepy, but did an okay job at acting.

I had absolutely no problems with the turtles or Vernon (the camera guy) or Whoopi Goldberg.

I mainly blame the whole thing on the script/story writers but the comedy was on point, a lot of laughs.

The ending was really stupid, left BIG cliffhangers, on either if Eric Sachs or Shredder really die? No, they didn’t but it didn’t seem like an ending to a movie at all. I kinda wished Shredder and the turtles had another last fight, I felt like I could have been sitting there for another hour.

Also Donatello stopped the Mutagen from going into the air, it didn’t even explain what he did he just pressed a bunch of buttons.

I like the relationship between the turtles and April, I enjoyed that bit.

It also felt a really slow in the beginning, I needed it to be more fast paced I almost passed out about 15 minutes in.

I thought Master Splinter using his tail and his Ninjutsu was badass.

The visuals and action were amazingly beautiful. But the problem is with this movie (in my opinion) was the story, acting chops of Megan Fox, and the horrible villain structure.

I was let down, the turtle van was only in the movie for like 3 minutes at the end of the film. Guessing it will be used in the sequel

I hope they don’t use Casey Jones in the sequel, let alone mention him because they will ruin that character too.

The movie is definitely open for a sequel, but we’ll see how it ends up at the box office.

People were clapping at the end of the movie, probably because they were happy it was over.

Anyway my final rating for this movie…it didn’t work out for me at all. The turtles delivered the rest of the movie did not.

I’ll probably still end up buying the Blu-ray because I only enjoyed the turtles, and they are the most important thing in the movie.

Rating: 5/10


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