By Chris Paul (Ohio)


Heroes in a half shell, turtle power! Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles starring Megan Fox, Will Arnett and William Fichtner directed by Jonathan Liebesman Produced by Michael Bay. Going into this movie I was actually excited. It did take some time to forget about the awful reimagined look to the turtles. They were way too big and had way too much junk on. Somewhere the designers forgot that less is more sometimes but I digress. The movie starts off way too slow. I’ve always had the mindset to focus the movie on what/who the fans came to see. In this film there’s just way too much April O’Neil (Megan Fox) to set things up. Which is why I didn’t care for the casting in the first place. Let alone the fact that she’s not a strong enough actress, but when the turtles show up the fun begins. Instantly I was sitting up, I was smiling, and even laughing.

The one thing they did great in this film was the turtles. Which was the thing that everyone who grew up with the team feared the most once the images of the turtles showed up online. Well let me ease your worry there because they were awesome! But, and there is a but, It felt like they weren’t in the film enough. Most times when they were on the screen it didn’t last long. There was so much focus on April that they felt like her sidekicks. Splinter was also a nice character. I didn’t care too much for the voice acting done by Tony Shalhoub, but the character himself was done really well. Another weak point to the film was William Fichtner. He felt like an unnecessary character, nothing stood out about him. He plays a great bad guy in other films. Just not this one.

Which leaves me to my last problem with this film. Shredder… First off they show Shredder in the beginning of the film being a bad ass, and it’s exciting because that first scene he’s in you get a sense of hope that they will do the character justice. Then the Michael Bay influence comes in. The robotic suit built for the Shredder was a bit overkill. He looked like a mini transformer and on top of that it felt as though the suit was doing everything for him. Which made no sense to go in that direction because you show Shredder early on that he doesn’t need the suit. It was another situation of Hollywood studios doing too much at times. Maybe to sell toys I don’t know, but it was over done just like the new turtle designs.

Overall the movie wasn’t terrible. I was excited to see the four brothers on the big screen again and at least they didn’t disappoint there. Just wish they could’ve been shown more often. Don’t get me wrong they are the stars in the film. But whenever they showed the human characters this movie gets boring and you just want turtles after about 5 minutes of scene with Will Arnett flirting with Megan Fox. I give Turtles a 6.5 out of 10. Average at best. A few more tweaks and this could have been a great movie.


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