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I would like to say, after reading many reviews on this movie, that the movie is based off of a book. From many of the reviews I read about 90% of the reviewers had not read the book. The book was pretty essential to fully understanding the plot line in the movie. I would like to address a few parts which have been most commonly under scrutiny by some reviewer. Also, many of the reviews I read were just from people rather than true movie critics. And I want to say that I am a 16 y/o girl which is the target audience for this movie. Read if you want but you will get some better insight into the story if you do.

1) The scene where the adults are gathered in the house/barn and they are all killed by Colonel Vosch. It was definitely better executed in the novel. The army arrived, took the children, and gathered the adults; this is all true. What the movie failed to do was actually follow the book in this scene. Cassie was not allowed on the bus with her brother in the book and there was only one bus which came to the camp. The adults were all killed with more explosives rather than guns. Also Cassie was chased down by the alien controlled army when they realized she had not been killed with the rest of the adults.

2) Comparing this movie to Twilight is too extreme. There are no love triangles. She had a crush on Ben, but that was before her life was falling apart. When they meet again near the end of the movie there is pretty much nothing between her and Ben. Twilight was focused just on the love triangle, which was the only thing I really got out of the story. The 5th Wave has some cheesy romantic parts but it’s no where near Twilight level and is nothing like how bad it got to be in the Hunger Games’ entire story.

3) The use of the children in the army and their ability to ‘identify’ aliens. The whole purpose of using the children is to get rid of the human race. They trick the children into believing they are killing the aliens when really they are shooting fellow humans. The aliens realize that the children are the next generation, they are the way to repopulate. If the children all die while attempting to kill who they believe to be aliens and kill other humans in the process then the aliens just have to sit back and do nothing. They have the children do the dirty work for them and put forth very little effort toward having to get rid of the rest of the humans.

4) I read some reviews that said the story took place in an incredibly short time, I believe it said five days actually, but the story line got really condensed in the movie. It takes place over several months, you can’t just recover from being shot in the leg in a few short weeks. There has also been people saying that giving their kid a gun is not the right thing to do. The world has been invaded by aliens, wouldn’t you want your kids to have the best chance at survival. If giving your kid a gun means that they have a better chance at surviving in a dangerous situation, then wouldn’t you do it? And I’m not going to talk about the army giving kids guns again because the reason is obvious. The aliens want the kids to die.

5) The story line itself is centered around Cassie trying to be reunited with her little brother. The teddy bear actually has more symbolism in the book and is not treated in the way it is in the movie. Yes she promised to get back to her little brother but also to return Bear to him safely. Sam gave her the bear for strength and protection to bring her back safely to him. Cassie wanted to get back to her brother, her goal was not to save the world, she did not save the world or even think about it during this first movie/book. All she wanted was to get back to the last part of her family that was alive, it’s all she cared about.

6) Having addressed the central story line I can now talk about the Evan a little bit more. He is both alien and human. At the end he does not say he chooses to be human he says, “I choose you.” He was talking to Cassie. He defied his species for a girl, cheesy I know, but he never specifically said he chose to be human or alien. He chose to do what was right for Cassie and obviously he was willing to die for her. She chose to accept him despite him being half alien.

7) Something else I noticed from a couple reviews was just them addressing how it used hot people and had no actual story to it. I’m pretty sure many of those came from guys and I want to say there is a lot more to someone than a pretty face. A review I read actually had a couple of sexist comments regarding the girl who plays Cassie and it kind of pissed me off. Stop talking about women like they are objects, she was acting because it’s her job. She is there for everyone’s entertainment and not just for you to ogle over. I guess the same could be said about girls talking about male actors, but men have really gotten a little bit out of hand. Women are not objects, everyone is a person and just because something fits somewhere doesn’t mean it should go there. You really should have learned that as a child, or maybe men still are children.

Okay, there are some parts which have been cut out of the movie which really should have been in it that would have clarified everything a lot better. Which is why reading any book that gets turned into a movie, before watching the movie itself is pretty important. Some of you who wrote reviews honestly have no idea what was supposed to happen and so the plot got skewed and some plot holes arose. I’m done and I know there are many thing which I still failed to address properly and I got a little bit off topic in some areas but I’m done with this review.

Rating: 4/5


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