Starring: Alec Baldwin, Steve Buscemi, Jimmy Kimmel, Lisa Kudrow, Patton Oswalt, Miles Bakshi

Animated comedy directed by Tom McGrath which follows seven year-old Tim (Miles Bakshi), whose life is turned upside down upon the arrival of his suit wearing fast-talking, briefcase-carrying baby brother (Alec Baldwin). When Tim goes on a mission to win back the affection of his parents, he finds out about a secret plot by the CEO of Puppy Co., which revolves around his baby brother and threatens to destabilize the balance of love in the world. Both brothers must unite to “save their parents, restore order to the world and prove that love is indeed an infinite force.”


Best Quotes from Trailer:


Tim: [voice over] My name is Tim. I have the greatest parents ever. It was just the three of us, the Templetons. Life was perfect until that one fateful day.


Mother: Rise and shine.
Father: It’s take your kid to work day.
Tim: Really?


[their doorbell rings, Tim goes down the stairs and sees his parents answering the door]
Mother: Tim, look who’s here.
[she turns and we see she’s holding a baby wearing a suit]
Father: Meet your new baby brother.
[the baby clicks it’s finger and cries to get his parents attention]


Tim: He’s taking over the whole house! Look at him! He wears a suit!
Mother: He’s like a little man.
Tim: He carries a briefcase! Does no one else think that’s, oh, I don’t know, a little freaky!
Father: Well you carried lamb-lamb around until you were like…
Tim: This is not about lamb-lamb.
[the baby tries to hold his chuckle in]
Father: Trust me one day you’re going to love him with all of your heart.
Tim: Never!


[Tim wakes up to hear a man speaking in his baby brother’s room]
Baby Boss: Oh, the usual procedure, sleep deprivation, hunger strikes. They’re very disoriented, but I think the kid might be on to me.
[Tim quietly open the baby’s bedroom door, turns on the light and yells]
Tim: Hands up, baby!
[we see the baby is talking on the phone]
Baby Boss: Aaah!
Tim: Poop doody!
[Tim falls down from shock, the baby whispers into the phone]
Baby Boss: I’ve got to deal with the K-I-D.
Tim: You can talk!
Baby Boss: Uh, goo-goo ga-ga.
Tim: No, you can really talk!
Baby Boss: Fine, I can talk.
[he puts the phone down and places it on the bedside table]
Baby Boss: Now let’s see if you can listen. Get me a double espresso and see if there’s some place around here with decent sushi. I’d kill for a spicy tuna roll around about now.
[he walks over to Tim, takes a wad of cash out and throws some into Tim’s face]
Baby Boss: Get yourself a little something.


Tim: Who are you?
Baby Boss: Let’s just say I’m the boss.
Tim: Just wait until mom and dad find out about this.
[baby boss pretends to have fallen asleep, he snores loudly until his head drops and he wakes up]
Baby Boss: Powernap! Uh, you were saying?


The Baby Boss is set for release in the US March 31st and UK April 7th.



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