By Nicholas Friesen (United States)


In the film The Brain Hack two characters, Fallon and Harper, search of answers for why humans like religious beliefs. Soon they start their testing of pattern theory, which states that humans love certain patterns like triangles. Soon Fallon makes a new program which shows the subject patterns so that they can see god and he records the brain activity in the brain region for religious devotion and artistic beauty.

In the early stages of testing Fallon finds a defense mechanism in the brain which slows the activity in the area immensely to help our brain from being destroyed, and discovers how to stop the mechanism using fear. Now he can’t use himself as a test monkey anymore because he cannot scare himself. Fallon finally decides to use Harper the guy recording progress on the experiment as a guinea pig for the new test. Afterwards Harper starts to see the world completely different. This new found technology of course is wanted by others who are willing to kill for it. These man slaughtering people soon kill Fallon the programmer and Harper now must run for his life.

While making this film I am sure the director, Joseph White, had some amount of fun. I also believe the actors Alexander Owen playing Harper a college age film student recording the experiment on his camera and Edward Franklin playing Fallon a computer programmer and conspiracy theorist who created the “brain hack” enjoyed the experience. This film also is one of the staff picks on Vimeo just recently. This film also has had some other people praise this film, even though it has won little awards in its lifetime so far.

This being a film definitely has at least one error, this error being late in the movie. When Harper begins being chased by the killer he is delivered a small package with footage of Fallon, the programmer’s death, but how could Fallon mail the video while he is dead. That is impossible until we invent immortality. This is a mistake that anyone can see, but goes unnoticed as the plot thickens and the ending is revealed.

Though this film has its mistakes it also has its high moments. Especially the main plot line which is interesting and debatable. One piece is whether or not we have equality in religion or whether Christianity or other religions have gone too far in expressing themselves, and their beliefs. Or have they been repressing things like this that would allow you to get insights on god and other important people in religion? Another topic is could religious groups and organizations go too far in expressing themselves?

In its entirety this movie is quite an action thrill ride that has deep connections to the soul in each and every human being. It allows for deep thinking in a show that lasts only about seventeen minutes. It challenges the origins of our beliefs as a culture. It also has a twist ending that leaves you in shock until your mind catches up with the plot. This film creates a state of mind partially wondering about your ideals and partially in utter astonishment as it displays its story in a beautiful fashion.

This is mind blowing and so interesting that it makes you watch it over and over again without a change in likeability, and it deserves more awards than it has gotten. This is a great film that should be watched by those who are not prone to seizures.


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