By Matthew Turner (Erdington)


Big Daddy, Grown Ups, The Waterboy, Click and The Wedding Singer…a few films I can say I enjoyed and Adam Sandler didn’t irritate me, the other films he has been in haven’t quite been as good to me and now I know why…Adam Sandler sucks!! I’m sorry to all you Sandler fans but the truth needed to be addressed.

This new movie The Cobbler is a cheap by the book idea of a movie that it had me turning to the wife whilst we were watching it and saying “you fancy sticking Fifty Shades of Grey on love?” God, it must be bad. Although the idea of being transformed in to the owner of the shoes he is wearing is on paper maybe a hilarious setup and comedy, but the execution of it and Sandler’s own acting which reminds me of a bored clown make it unbearable to watch and the message the movies trying to send goes up, up…and way over your head that by the end of the movie Adam Sandler takes a knowing look at the camera as if to say, “Wow, you made it to the end of this movie without hitting the person closest to you.” And believe me this movie sucks balls so the frustration you feel watching this movie it’s understandable you’re going to want to!!

The funniest moments in the movie do not come from the main man but rather the bit part players as they are more memorable. Steve Buscemi makes his complimentary appearance and does a decent job of hiding his awkwardness of being in this movie. Dustin Hoffman also appears, which though let’s be honest, it’s always nice to see Dustin! Even if it is in this (and I chose my words wisely) monstrosity of a feature. And now for the star himself, Adam Sandler used to be a very funny go to guy actor, Big Daddy and Click are personal highlights. However with the likes of the brat pack which includes Owen Wilson, Vince Vaughn, Jon Favreau, and a host of others, the era of Adam Sandler is, and admittedly, has been running out of steam for a while. Granted movie makers still hire him, but I find his style less and less appealing each time he releases a movie.

A definite 5 out of 10 and that’s 2 for Steve Buscemi and 3 stars for Dustin Hoffman because he must be wondering where did it go wrong. And there are a lot of up and coming talent who this movie in particular would have suited…maybe even Vince Vaughn!!

In a nutshell the slapstick aspect is as funny as finding out your missus has invited the mother in law for dinner, and trust me with my mother in law it’s more like a horror.


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