Starring: Vera Farmiga, Patrick Wilson, Simon McBurney, Franka Potente, Frances O’Connor, Madison Wolfe, Shannon Kook

Horror sequel directed and co-written by James Wan, again based on a true story and this time the story follows paranormal investigators Ed and Lorraine Warren (Patrick Wilson and Vera Farmiga) as they travel to Northern suburb of London, England in 1977 to help single mother Peggy Hodgson (Frances O’Connor) and her four children, particularly daughter Janet (Madison Wolfe), when their happy home life is turned on its head after their house is plagued by malicious spirits.

Loved the first movie, but this trailer looks too generic for me to buy into it being as good as the original. I hope I’m wrong though!



Best Quotes from Trailer:


[Ed and Lorraine Warren are listening to a recording made with Maurice Grosse talking to what sounds like an old man]
Bill Wilkins: This is my home. Get out of the house!
Maurice Grosse: No, this is not your house. Now what’s your name?
Bill Wilkins: Knock, knock.
Maurice Grosse: Very well. Who’s there?
Bill Wilkins: Bill. Bill. Bill. Bill.
Maurice Grosse: Bill who?
Bill Wilkins: My name is Bill Wilkins and I’m seventy-two years-old.
[Father Gordon stops the tape]
Father Gordon: What do you make of that voice?
Ed Warren: Sounds confused, is he senile?
Father Gordon: The voice on this tape is coming from an eleven year-old girl. They’re calling England’s Amityville. There is a family that desperately needs our help.


Lorraine Warren: After everything we’ve seen there isn’t much that rattles either of us anymore. But this one, this one still haunts me.


Maurice Grosse: This is Peggy, Peggy Hodgson.
Ed Warren: Nice to meet you. Ed Warren.
[they shake hands]
Peggy Hodgson: How do you do?
Ed Warren: This is my wife, Lorraine.
Peggy Hodgson: How do you do?
Vic Nottingham: Hello.
Lorraine Warren: Hello.
Vic Nottingham: Well I’ll be off then, Peg.
Peggy Hodgson: Will you tell the kids I said hello?
Vic Nottingham: Yeah, of course will.
[to Ed and Lorraine]
Vic Nottingham: Nice to meet you.
Lorraine Warren: You too, hon.
[Vic leaves]
Maurice Grosse: So here we are, Peggy.
Peggy Hodgson: Right, do come in.
[she opens the front door to her house and the all enter]


Peggy Hodgson: It’s just me and Janet here now. My other kids are staying with them. This is where the girls used to sleep, but we don’t use it anymore.
Ed Warren: Why not?
[as Peggy is about to answer Maurice interrupts and answers]
Maurice Grosse: Well most of the activity centered in this room, we were quite afraid that someone might get hurt which is why we keep it locked.
[to Peggy]
Ed Warren: I understand that Janet has levitated. Did that happen in here as a well?
Peggy Hodgson: Yeah…
Maurice Grosse: Yeah, more than once. And we’ve got photographs of that as well.
[Peggy looks frustrated as Maurice interrupts her again]
Ed Warren: I’d like to her Mrs. Hodgson’s story from her if you don’t mind.


[Ed enters the girls bedroom where the furniture is all ransacked and the walls are covered in crosses]
Peggy Hodgson: The neighbors donated them and I hung them up hoping they’d keep things from moving around.
Ed Warren: Has it worked?
Peggy Hodgson: No. we can hear it all night.


[the Janet and Margaret are being interviewed]
Reporter: How does it feel living in a haunted house?
Margaret Hodgson: You don’t get used to it. We was just a normal family before all this.
Janet Hodgson: It’s been getting worse since Mr. Grosse starting talking to you.
Reporter: I wonder what would happen if we tried talking to it now? Is anybody there? Is anybody there who wishes to communicate?
[suddenly the lights in the house to dim and Janet start to breathe heavy]
Reporter: Janet?
[acting as if she’s possessed]
Janet Hodgson: Janet’s asleep and I’m talking.
Maurice Grosse: What is your name?
Janet Hodgson: This is my home. Get out now!


Lorraine Warren: Do you know when the voice is going to speak?
Janet Hodgson: Sometimes.
Lorraine Warren: And when it does, does it feel like it’s coming from inside you?
Janet Hodgson: No. more like it’s coming from behind me, like I’m being used.
Lorraine Warren: Does it ever say things just to you, that only you can hear?
[Janet nods her head]
Lorraine Warren: What does it say?
Janet Hodgson: It said it wants to hurt you.
Lorraine Warren: When did it say that?
Janet Hodgson: Right now.


Harry Whitmark: Janet, are you all right?
[the entity starts speaking through Janet]
Janet Hodgson: Stop calling me Janet.


Peggy Hodgson: She’s such a good girl, what does it want with her?
Lorraine Warren: An oppressing spirit will try to enforce you to commit the ultimate sin.
Peggy Hodgson: And what’s that?
Lorraine Warren: Murder, suicide, or both.


Peggy Hodgson: [to Ed and Lorraine] You believe us, don’t you?


Ed Warren: Are you sensing a presence?
Lorraine Warren: I’m not sensing anything. All I can sense is their own fear.


Ed Warren: Lorraine, honey, you’re bleeding! What is happening?


Lorraine Warren: I had a premonition of your death. Something inhuman wants to kill you. If we keep doing this, you’re going to die.


[pointing to the ghost of a nun standing in their hallway]
Margaret Hodgson: Who’s that?


Lorraine Warren: Their family is just a pawn.


Ed Warren: In the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Spirit!


The Conjuring 2 is set for release in the US June 10th and UK 17th June.





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