By Anthony Goff (San Antonio, Texas)


The Devil Inside is about a girl traveling to Italy to see her mother for the first time since she was 8 due to murdering 3 people during an exorcism being performed on her.

Well were to begin. This movie is getting a lot of negative buzz right now, I’m here to shed some light on this film, and say why I think people are not excepting this film like they should.

This film had a lot going for it. It had a cool approach on exorcisms, pretty good acting, and pretty cool camera shots/angles. It wasn’t just all religion like films of the past (exorcist, etc.). They tried to invent a science behind it, trying to distinguish between actual possession and mental illness. They also talked about the churches own flaws regarding exorcisms which I thought added a little more touch of realism.

The scene between Isabella and her mother in her hospital room was really well done. I wish the mom would have done a little more than just yell and bend backwards a little, but the little things here and there that were revealed in that scene made up for it. When they finally show the first attempt at an exorcism with the young girl on the bed was pretty awesome. Well acted, I liked how they not only had the girl switching between languages, speaking in tongues, but also accents. Just gives it a little more originality. I thought this scene was better than the “big exorcism” they try to pull on Isabella’s mom, which to me lacked a little.

Now this movie didn’t go without its faults. It started unraveling all these plot points, to which it never goes back to.


After a few of the spirits possessing Isabella’s mom started jumping around from person to person, which initially was cool, they completely forgot about the mom. It switches the focus on one of the priests who gets possessed, which was really cool, then to the daughter, then the camera man. I just wish they would have extended it a little more to include more of the mom because I thought her performance was interesting to watch. I didn’t mind the fact that demons kept jumping into other bodies, it made it interesting, but the laziness of the writers ruined that idea.

If they would have made the film a little longer they could of had a little bit more fun with it and help build the end up more, which that by far is the biggest downfall ever! I’m still in shock that was the best thing they could come up with to end a movie?! That has got to be the biggest waste of an ending ever! I’m sure they thought it was new, clever and edgy and they certainly set it up for part two, but they could have taken more time to figure something that would have actually worked for the film, instead of making the whole audience boo when the credits roll. Which leads me to why I believe people are trashing this flick, had it had a better ending reviews wouldn’t be so harsh, but since we are left with a big steaming pile of waste, that will not happen.


The coolest exorcism scene I’ve watched in a long time!

All in all I had a fun time watching The Devil Inside, and I would suggest it to anyone who is interested in exorcisms or just wants to watch a good flick, head out to watch it. Just leave in the last 5 minutes of the film so that way your opinion of the flick won’t be completely ruined by a poor ending act.

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