By Harley Hudon (Lorette, Manitoba, Canada)


I watched the film The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo the evening before last. I have read the books in the Millenium Series, therefore I was fairly excited to compare the book to the film, just as everyone else in my situation had felt I’m sure.

I was utterly disappointed with the film. I will give them credit for following the storyline to a tee basically, but the producers get no credit for their lack of action in this film. After reading the books I knew not to expect a high octane action thriller. I actually was more concentrated on trying to keep my eyes open and not dozing off then watching the movie, and I had six cups of coffee before I went into the theatre.

The actress that plays Salander did a fantastic job with her role. She was the perfect person for a role like that. She did a smashing job, and to her I give credit. Why get Daniel Craig for a movie like this? Daniel Craig is good when it comes to action, so let him be more exciting in this movie instead of just talking plainly the entire time. I don’t think the foreshadowing was portrayed well enough in the movie either. I also don’t think that Mikael and his editor Erika Berger from Millenium had that strong of a relationship in the movie. In the book their relationship was well known. In the movie she only had 2 parts in which not much was said. I also did not like the way that in the movie they did not make a big deal about the Vangers buying Millenium, in the book it’s a tricky science.

I was not satisfied with this movie whatsoever. I certainly hope they do better with The Girl Who Played with Fire.

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