By Larkin Magro (Naxxar, Malta)


The movie starts with the protagonist (though not the titular character) Nick Carraway in sanatorium treating his alcohol addiction and then going to the past explaining what brought him there. I love how they did the houses and the river with CGI, not like other movies where they do some parts with CGI and it ends up standing out. Though this is where it starts to go awry because the story starts to get confusing and the dialogue was put in a way that you end up thinking that not everything is happening in order except for the present part but when I paused the film and read on Wikipedia what just happened I realized that everything was happening in order.

Most probably if I didn’t do this I would have ended up not understanding parts of the story. Though the introductions to all the characters were done in an outstanding fashion. The film takes it’s time in setting up the story and I for one respect that as it also gives you time in warming up to the characters and familiarizing yourself to the love triangles.

There were some mistakes that tended to stand out like once the party guests were seen to be dancing a song that became popular in the 1940’s or cars that hadn’t been invented yet in 1922 (the date the film is set in). It gives us certain relationships to the characters like making you not like the antagonist to the story, Tom. Showing also how sick of Tom, Daisy was as being delighted that Gatsby came home. After Daisy’s affair starts to take place the turn into just plain confusing and unneeded.

I get that the movie directors wanted to show us how much they were in love but there is a limit. I also read to book and I admit I was looking forward on seeing Jordan and Nick get together (something that was cut off). Though the emotions still stuck out when in the end after I got to love Daisy she took a really bad decision which led to Gatsby dying FOR HER but not respecting him, she didn’t even attend his funeral which led me to hate her.

Though there were some parts that just didn’t work I liked this movie and for those who would want me to show them on a scale of one to ten how much I liked this movie (which I will be giving on all the rest of my reviews), I give it a 7.0.


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