Starring: Matt Damon, Jing Tian, Pedro Pascal, Willem Dafoe, Andy Lau

Fantasy action-adventure directed by Zhang Yimou which tells the story of an elite force making a valiant stand for humanity on the world’s most iconic structure. The first English-language production for Yimou is the largest film ever shot entirely in China. 


Best Quotes from Trailer:


William Garin: We have traveled thousands of miles in search of a weapon more powerful than we’ve ever known.


Commander Lin Mae: Why are you here?
William Garin: We came to trade.
Commander Lin Mae: You lie. You are thieves!


William Garin: What was that?
Ballard: There are many things you have not seen.


Ballard: [to Garin] They’ve trained all their lives for this war.


Male Warrior: The Great War was the only barrier keeping the world safe.


[upon seeing the creature]
Pero Tovar: Mother of God!
William Garin: What is it they want?
Male Warrior: To feed!


[to the warriors]
William Garin: Let me fight with you.


Pero Tovar: [to Garin] This is where you choose to die. Good luck with that.


William Garin: Stay and fight.
Pero Tovar: Do you think they see you as some kind of hero?


William Garin: [to Pero] I was born into battle. I fought for greed and gods. This is the first war I’ve seen worth fighting.


The Great Wall is set for release in the US February 17th and UK February 24th.





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