By Jay Quinn (Tonawanda, NY)


When I was a kid, at the age of 10 I saw a little horror movie simply called Cannibal Holocaust. It came out in 1980 and directed by a guy named Ruggero Deodato. It simply tells a story filmed as a documentary, with a crew who went to the amazon to film cannibal tribes. In this film there are massive scenes of graphic violence, brutality, brutal sexual assault, depictions of violence toward animals and of course cannibalism. When I saw this movie, I was entranced and thought I was watching a true snuff film. I immediately felt dirty like I shouldn’t be watching such a film and it had an impact on me going forward toward horror movies. The film is almost a commentary about civilized human beings vs an uncivilized society. Cannibal Holocaust became banned in over 50 countries due to what is shown in this film and it became the 20th most controversial films of all time. So on May 17, 2012 Eli Roth decided to bring his own version of Cannibal Holocaust to life, simply called The Green Inferno.

Eli Roth was so inspired by cannibal films like Cannibal Holocaust and another movie called Cannibal Ferox, that he wanted to make his own to add to that genre of horror films. So Eli Roth shot the film on real locations and even used a real Peruvian Tribe as actors in this film, to make it look more authentic. There was a problem though, most of them had no concept of what a movie was, and had never seen one. To give them an idea of what they would be taking part in, Roth brought with him a generator, a TV and perhaps the most insane choice of “intro to the magical world of movies” ever thought up: The 1980 grind house film, Cannibal Holocaust. So ironic the tribe to play cannibals in this movie saw the most infamous cannibal movie of all time. Ha-ha, I love it!

The plot for The Green Inferno is about a bunch of activists that go to the rain forest to stop the destruction of the trees and villages and stop the slaughter of this beautiful forest that mother earth has made on this planet. When they succeed, they get back on the plane to go home and of course their plane has problems and crashes into the middle of a part of the rain forest known as “The Green Inferno”. What happens is we see for the rest of the film, these activists doing all they can to survive this cannibal tribe that takes them back to their village and wants to do the most horrific things to them including cannibalism, ritual scarification and other very horrible things.

Down deep I love this film… It’s sick, raw and gore filled for any true horror fan to enjoy but it’s not for everyone. Its script is great, it was shot beautifully and the editing to the film is spot on. The cinematography was one of the best jobs I have seen in a raw film like this! Now is this film a runner for an Oscar? Of course not. But is this film hard to watch and entertaining and Eli Roth doing what he does best? Absolutely!! He makes movies hard to watch, and you have to have an iron will to see what he does, ha-ha. This is an original art form like his other films like Cabin Fever and Hostel! This movie definitely worth watching if you want to see a very well shot, original throwback to the cannibal boom films of the 1980’s!!!

I Give this movie a 4 1/2 Skulls out of 5.


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