By Laurence Platt (Grange-Over-Sands, Cumbria, United Kingdom)


So You and Your Friends Can Roar Like Wolves

Yesterday, due to awful cold weather, four friends and I sat down to watch The Grey. I was unsure of what to make of it; a long-winded drama or a ‘blunt’ action film? Either way, I was expecting a rather easy watch where I could check my Facebook and not miss anything important.

How wrong I was, and how happy I was to be.

Joe Carnahan has rewritten a usually stereotypical and predictable genre, giving Hollywood something in recent years it’s been desperate for; originality. Between the barren landscape the film is set in, along with its bloodthirsty inhabitants, Carnahan has been able to salvage a good storyline out of the plane wreck in the opening thirty minutes, where many other directors would have failed. JC throws dilemma after dilemma and the band of rough oil riggers, where critics have said makes the whole film ‘depressing’ and therefore ‘unsatisfactory’.

I would have to agree, but The Grey is able to combat that by having some of the most extraordinary small side characters I’ve seen in a while. When looking at the front cover of the DVD, Liam Neeson is bold and covers the top of the artwork. Expecting him to do a lot of the heavy acting, I was surprised how convincing and how engaging the rest of the group were, giving me the feel that they are actually making a bond, becoming an actual of group of normal guys, but with an addition of bravado.

Liam Neeson has always been a favourite of mine to watch, due to him changing from films like Schlinder’s List to Taken. However, something about The Grey allowed it to not take my eyes off him, to want to not miss a word he said, as if I was in the midst of an Alaskan tundra trying to survive on his knowledge.

Overall, The Grey is something that a group of friends should watch, not just for Neeson, or the rough and tough attitude that comes with the group, but of the characters themselves, whether it be laughing about the last sex they had, or telling The Almighty what they think.

“Fuck faith, earn it!”

Rating: 4/5

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