By SammyB (Adelaide)


I, unlike many people, didn’t enjoy this film. I think it’s was over hyped trash that should be put in the appropriate place… the bin!

I saw this film with some small amount of expectation. After how much the media was throwing it in everyone’s face, and from people who said the books were excellent. I was expecting an Epic film to start of a big hit series, that would match up to the movie franchises that came before it such as the twilight saga, and the harry potter series. What I got was a yawn fest with bad acting, terrible plot, and unlikeable characters. It’s rare for me to be watching a film and get so bored I forget I’m watching it, but that’s exactly what happened in this case.

I’m aware that so many people who were orgasming over this movie will think this is a harsh review, but this is a dog turd of a film and stank just as bad.


By Joe Harvey (Lewes, East Sussex, United Kingdom)

Don’t you love it when your friend calls you to see if you want to meet up? Yes. Don’t you love it when they ask you if you’d like to come and see The Hunger Games? Yes. Don’t you love The Hunger Games? No. For the fairly small percentage of movie-goers who have seen Scott Wiper’s The Condemned, imagine that but with an extra fifty million dollars in the budget, too many characters and not enough development. That’s The Hunger Games.

It has a fairly standard tagline ‘The World Will Be Watching’. What world? The world has about as much representation as women do in the Iraqi government. No effort is made to explain why America has been divided into twelve districts, whose residents live in run down shacks that make even Hagrid’s Hut look like Beverley Hills, and why this seemingly legal show called ‘The Hunger Games’ is being broadcasted (we assume for the entertainment) The acting is passable, especially a hilarious performance from Stanley Tucci. Note that it is only hilarious because they saw fit to give him and most of the other characters hairdos that look like they’ve just come out of a Fable 3 hairdressers.

The main idea of the film is not a bad one. If you weren’t aware, a group of randomly picked contestants are thrown together in a mysterious forest where they must kill each other until one is left standing. It is just an extravagant version of The Condemned, which is fine as long as they know how to pull it off; which they don’t. The game starts off with twenty four players (two from each district). Already seems like rather a lot, but hey ho. Twelve of them die in the first three minutes. You can’t really help but ask yourself ‘Why even bother shooting that scene?’ Just seems to be an excuse for some fast camera movement, violence, and several shots of dead children at the end of it. So we’re left with twelve, and again, several of this lot die without you even knowing who they are of ever were. Their deaths simply become a chance for one of the surviving characters to say ‘This one’s dead and that one’s dead’. Again, why bother having them if they’re not going to do anything???

As a result, the character development is…I was going to say poor but that seems rather generous. Basically there isn’t any apart from a strange romance that blossoms between the two main characters, and in doing so rather removes the original point of the film from your mind. It’s never really made clear why she would fall for him, given that earlier on he teams up with the ‘bad guys’ to try and kill her. She doesn’t really seem all that bothered, seeing as when she finally finds him they are the best friends as ever they were. Even the supposed bad guy only has about ten lines before he is eaten by a weird pack of bulldog like creatures.

There seem to be a lot of scenes that had no real bearing on the story, and they could and should have been replaced by others that did. I heard from someone that in parts, it was really quite emotional and there was always some kind of feeling for one of the characters whenever they died. I don’t really see how that many tears can be shed by the killing of another random guy who has no name or background, but does have eighteen seconds or so of screen time. In fact, the only emotion you really feel in The Hunger Games is a slight pang of joy when someone dies, as it means that you are one step closer to those glorious credits.

I did think the flaming chariot was quite cool though!


By Gabi (New York)

Katniss Evedeen a young brave girl volunteers to be a tribute which no one has ever done before. She takes place for her sister, Primrose Everdeen who was chosen in the reaping to serve in the Hunger Games. Another young boy by the name of Peetah Mellark also gets chosen to serve in The Hunger Games.

This movie had me on the edge of my seat the whole time!

In the end I could not wait to find out when Catching Fire comes out (November 22nd, 2013).

This movie is my new favorite movie besides The Twilight Saga!


By Cameron McKee (Sylva, North Carolina)

OK, this movie was kinda good if you have read the book! It’s better if you have not read the book!

The movie was very good except the battle scenes. The cameras were shaking way too much and it was turning away at the last second before people die!!!

Rating: 3.5/5 🙂 

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