By Craig Singleton (Wigan, England)


“GROW…UP!!” is definitely what these lot should do in another childish, shallow outing that shouldn’t have been done. The Inbetweeners 2 is the unnecessary comedy sequel that sees Simon, Neil and Simon fly to Australia to surprise their friend Jay who has been living a bachelor’s dream (or so he says). Jays been lying of course and misses his ex-girlfriend so the lads plan a road trip to find her, even though they have no clue where she is, or a clue about anything in Neil’s case. Also Simon meets an old friend who is a backpacker. He fancies and obviously wants to ‘shag’ her.

Okay, I don’t think this film was good at all, primarily because it didn’t even feel like a film. It felt like a one-off special that Channel 4 just threw onto screens to keep the fans of the series happy. It had no cinematic techniques to make me believe it was a film. The first movie had a few montages and slow-motion shots in it to show that it wasn’t like an extended episode of the popular series.

The plot was very wasted on unforgettable supporting characters that had no real personality and they weren’t written to give the viewer anything different than they’ve seen before. The series had quite a few lively characters that were memorable.

I felt like some scenes were set up to actually be funny, but they came off very flat for me which was mainly due to not so believable acting by uncommitted delivery of the actor’s lines. The most ambitious gag of the film came at a water park which did at least try to be funny to the writer’s credit, but it ended up being more embarrassing and disgusting than funny.

Maybe this could be the end of the Inbetweeners because now they’re adults or at least should be, so continuing with the franchise makes no sense to me. They’ve said their goodbyes to me so… see ya!

My score for the film is 41%. Lowest mark for direction, highest for pacing. A badly written script, lack of being film-like and weak characters make it a disappointing sequel.


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