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The LEGO Batman Movie: Fan Service That Is Too Long

The LEGO Movie was a surprise that displayed not only skillful animation, but it also provided an instance of filmatic centered spoofed comedy where the comedy style of satire does not reflect the tone of the film in its entirety. Rather it serves as a collaborator to the tone and the comedic style of the film. The LEGO Batman Movie follows that frame style, but at the same time over floods it with constant comedic dialogue. Nonetheless, the film focuses on the character narrative of Batman, who is struggling with learning what to do when there is no more crime in Gotham City. This conflict introduces the audience to Richard or Dick Grayson, and Barbara Gordon. These characters come along to help Batman find the answer to this central question to create a fun-filled, fan serviced, and family friendly film.

Batman is an important and treasured character among moviegoers, cartoon lovers, and of course comic book readers. He has been seen in hilariously atrocious filmography along with amazing and jaw-droppingly awesome movies. He’s been fulfilled on TV shows from Batman the TV show from the 60’s to the dynamic and gripping animated series. And, of course, he’s been thoroughly flushed out through the lure of comic books and graphic novels. From Detective Comics #27 to Batman & Robin Adventures #1. Least to say, Batman is easily one of the most beloved comic book characters of all-time, and this film recognizes it as well as embraces it with its comedic tone.

The LEGO Batman Movie provides brilliant and energetic comedic dialogue that understands the lure and stigma of the character. The film continuously provides a joyful exchange that leaves no stone of Batman’s history unturned. Director Chris Mckay and the production companies involved in the creation of this movie did a fantastic job of creating an awesome environment with the LEGO’s. The production style and animation are incredibly artistically used, by how the movie uses its environment of LEGO’s to help create things, just its predecessors did. The animation continues to surprise in this film with it almost coming off as stop motion even though it is entirely CGI. As far as the screenplay goes, the script does an excellent job of truly exposing Batman’s character for all of the non-linear plot holes that he can contain sometimes. Example A, shark repellent why the hell is that a thing?

The dialogue at the same maintains the character traits of Batman in a humorous way. Will Arnett did an amazing job as Batman in this film, as did Michael Cera who gave the best performance in my opinion as Robin. For what this movie was trying to depict as far as the characters Robin’s weird character traits. It was actually hilarious to watch him bring this amusing character to life. Zach Galifianakis also did an excellent job as the Joker. The relationship shared between Joker and Batman was witty and entertaining as far as how they interacted with each other and their motivations for their actions in The LEGO Batman Movie.

The flaws of the film come out when you reach the third act. In my opinion, the third act drew on for a bit too long, and it could also be seen as over the top. The first act and second act stay grounded within the Batman universe making the film feel intimate and relatable as if the character just decided to take the turn for the humorous tone in an organic way. The final act takes that tone and exploits it tremendously with over the top action that can not only harm the film but also cause the sound to become trampled and confusing. The only other flaw I found was in the rapid fire of the jokes. The jokes are creative and witty in The LEGO Batman Movie, but they can become over flooded due to the early speed that they are being said. There is no time for the audience to sit back and breathe and fully comprehend the joke to get ready for the next one. I even felt like I missed some jokes because my brain was so focused on the past fun, and it wasn’t willing to grasp the new one.

The LEGO Batman Movie is a very smart, humorous, and satirical view on the dark caped crusader. Filled with amazing animation and great character portrayals that express such grave and brooding characters as witty and laughable. Though the third act and the jokes can come off as excessive and as whirlwind at times, this screenplay continuously surprised me with its incredibly refreshing use of sarcasm filled dialogue and animation. It may be a fan service film for all the Batman lovers due to its Easter eggs and humorous attacks on the characters tropes. However, is that such a bad thing? Or, should studios continue to recognize their strongest fan bases and make movies for their biggest and best fans. LEGO studios continue to do that and continue to hit some solid base runs.

Rating: 3/5



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