By Brandon J. Gomez (California)


The Lone Ranger is the movie adaptation from the classic 1949-1957 TV series about a Texas D.A. turned Texas Ranger John Reid, who meets up with a native American named Tonto (Johnny Depp) while a train transports an outlaw named Butch Cavendish (William Fichtner), whom Tonto himself is also being transported for being a native American. Butch escapes the train transporting him to his hanging, and Tonto and John nearly escape the train crash aftermath. Placing Tonto behind bars, John, his brother, and a six member posse go after and track down Butch, before he completely gets away. After finally coming up to a canyon, the posse comes under attack and everyone, including John gets killed by an unknown shooter. Butch and his gang come to finish off John’s brother, and they leave all of them for dead in the canyon.

Breaking from his prison, Tonto catches up with the posse and makes it to the canyon moments after the ambush has taken place. Tonto begins to dig graves for all of the dead men, and when coming to John’s grave, the dead ranger suddenly comes to life, only to be knocked out by Tonto out of fear. After a period of time, John wakes up only to be on top of a sky-piercing tower built on the edge of one of the canyon ridges. John climbs down and spots Tonto speaking to a great white horse, or according to Tonto the “Spirit Horse”. Tonto tells John that the horse called him the “spirit-walker”, which is a man who cannot be killed in battle. John and Tonto then team up to find the man who killed his brother, and to ride for justice in an injustice time.

The overall film was not that big of a disappointment as many critics have claimed. The filmography was decent and the acting did have its cracks, but the overall performance seemed to not be faltered. There were moments that did seem a little too cartoony where the horse would appear everywhere, but then again it is a Spirit Horse so it was immediately pushed out of mind. However, the falling from great heights did knock the standard down a little bit, but then again it is a Disney movie. The film did live up to the spirit of the classic legend everyone knows, and the overall movie was not great, but also not bad.

I recommend this movie to anyone in search of a good remake of a well-known legend. Also to those who would not mind spending their money on a decent film. This most likely is one to wait for DVD/ Blu-Ray rather than rushing off to theaters.


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