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The Lone Ranger is the best movie I’ve seen in a year or two! I think the reason some critics have given it bad reviews is that the producers managed to keep the fact that it was a comedy a secret right up until the premiere! The story is told by Tonto in the flashback film style to a young boy who idolizes the Lone Ranger. The make-up is so realistic we almost don’t recognize Johnny Depp as Tonto because he is so ancient. Also, Depp, who is part Powhatan and Cherokee, doesn’t look like Jay Silverheels, who was Mohawk, did as Tonto.

This wonderful re-imagining of the Lone Ranger is told from Tonto’s point of view which is hilariously askew! Silver is introduced after a shoot-out with outlaw Butch Cavendish, which ends in a group of ranger’s deaths. Tonto is burying the Rangers and Silver approaches the bodies and brings John Reid his white ten-gallon-hat. Tonto is surprised and greets Silver as a Spirit Horse. He tells him Dan Reid, a former Ranger, is a great warrior, but Silver keeps going to John Reid. John, a lawyer, is still alive and frightens Tonto by sitting up, and what’s even funnier is that Tonto grabs a rock and knocks him out again. Silver keeps indicating John and Tonto tries to correct him and says wrong brother. Depp faithfully discards pronouns in an homage to Silverheels’ Tonto. The entire movie has wonderful one-liners by Tonto, who is seeking revenge on Butch for murdering his Comanche village.

Later, when John speaks with the Comanche Chief Big Bear he learns Tonto is considered unbalanced because of his childhood trauma. Verbinski artfully directs the sequence containing the Comanche’s demise at the hands of Capt. Fuller’s men without making it campy or taking it lightly. The only funny thing is Johnny running from the mini gun/train/explosion and Verbinski manages to capture all of Depp’s expressions even in war-paint!

This is a must see summer blockbuster! It’s entertaining, funny, engaging and brings an old hero back into the light. Hi-Yo Silver!


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