By Andy Badal (San Jose, Ca)


The Lucky One starring Zac Efron is a heart-warming film about a young U.S. Marine who finds himself lucky to survive a blast after picking up a photo of a young woman in the middle of a war. After surviving multiple attacks and witnessing many of his comrades perish, he is determined to find the woman from this photo and thank her for saving his life.

This enjoyable film will have you rooting for Logan (Zac Efron) as he wins over the affection of Beth (Taylor Schilling). It seems as though fate had brought these two together, not only to help Beth deal with her overbearing ex-husband and to cope with the loss of her brother, but to help Logan feel as though he belonged somewhere. Throughout the beginning of the film Logan was portrayed as more of a “drifter” on who goes with the flow, and his turning point was when he came across the photograph of Beth. This photograph was his symbol/artifact of a “guardian angel”, protector from harm.” After finding this photograph, Logan found himself and was determined to find the girl in this photo. Beth’s turning point in the film was first, when she divorced her husband and second, when she faced the loss of her only brother. This was a turning point in both the main characters parts where it drove them towards one another. The film was very easy and interesting to follow because it was in English and the dialogue was current.

Zac Efron does a wonderful job portraying a U.S. Marine trying to forget about the traumas of war. As Logan, he is always calm and collected, even in tense situations; showing the effects of his Marine Corp training. Taylor Schilling brings to life the single mother character of Beth, dealing with the struggles of being a divorcee of an unhealthy marriage and the passing of her brother. Beth’s grandmother and son add humor to this enlightening film. I wouldn’t consider the film to necessarily have “costumes”, however the military uniforms used for this film seemed to be authentic military attire. All other actors/actresses wore a very simple day to day wardrobe that we see today.

The camera angles and lighting throughout the movie help to portray the feeling of the story line. There are a lot of long shots, making you feel as if they’re actually leaving when they’re walking away from you or that they’re out in the middle of nowhere. There are many scenes where the camera is looking through windows, possible for dramatic effect, although at times it seems as if to be candid as if you’re catching them off guard. Music is used quite well throughout the film to build anticipation as well as show joy and other emotions.


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