By Conan Cavanagh (Cheltenham, England)


Christian Bale takes dedication to a new extreme in this psychological thriller, with his mere presence on the screen enough to send shivers down your spine. Bale plays Trevor Reznik, an industrial worker with insomnia who is perishing away in front of your very own eyes.

The film is effective as it shows the dangers of insomnia and slips in and out of reality, leaving you questioning what is and isn’t real. The films ending justifies as to why Trevor suffers with insomnia and pieces the film together nicely leaving the audience with a picture of why it’s his life choices which have led him down this path in life.

Bale is unnerving throughout, the dramatic weight loss is shocking and leaves for a creepy yet beautiful sight of what director, Brad Anderson, was looking to portray on the big screen. The film isn’t high budget and has a relatively simple premise, its simplicity is what makes the film stand out. If bogged down with more effects it might have ruined the themes of movie.

A near flawless piece, underrated in my eyes with outstanding performances from all characters and a somewhat original idea played out in an effective gritty, dirty style

Rating: 8/10


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