By Garrett Gorby (West Virginia)


Clever, action packed, believable, hilarious, original. These are words I would describe The Nice Guys with. Set in the 70’s two detectives have to solve a porno case where everyone involved in the porno is suddenly dying and no one knows who is killing off the porno affiliates

Gosling and Crowe are the detectives who are taking lead on this case. The chemistry between these two is uncanny. Jokes seem to bounce off of each other and the jokes were so natural it made them even funnier. The roles they play aren’t stereotypical either in being bad cop good cop. making their own version of two detectives trying to solve a case.

Another good performance is from Angourie Rice, she plays Gosling’s daughter who is funny and quick like Crowe and Gosling but has some crude humor jokes thrown in which seem surprising for her age but it makes the jokes funnier because you wouldn’t expect a girl as young as her to be so honest and know so much already.

Not just comedy filled this movie also has drama but isn’t sappy to the point where you reconsider those laughs or are just bored. While the main characters are being smart and original the scenery is also of such merit that it could be mistaken for a HD movie from the 70’s. Nothing feels out of place, it all fits in.

This movie provides belly laughs that you won’t soon forget! After my first viewing I went a second time (because it was so good) and I never once said to myself on the second viewing “Gosh, I wish it would get to the good part,” or “This is moving slower than I thought,” every second watching this movie I knew a good part was there, if not laughing then I knew that the drama swept me away with the flugelhorn solos and the retro but classy music, and if not that then the fast paced quick action sequences which were also a surprise.

Usually in modern flicks we’re seeing more of a snappy shaky editing which makes the people who are in the fight look confusing and the audience can’t tell who’s fighting this is often referred to as shaky cam. In this movie the fighting seems real not just a punch and a knockout or a fight so horribly edited that you can’t tell who is bad or good. These characters are written so well through action that the fight scenes go with their character to Crowe for example is big and tall so his characters fighting is brute like really heavy punches.

This movie is unusually good, we don’t usually see a comedy as good as this. This is highly recommended by me because it has in frame clever action scenes. Knows when to be sappy but never gets overly sappy. This movie also is above all providing audiences around America with belly laughs. Even after a second viewing this movie held up. If you have a theater nearby I would go see this flick right away.

Rating: 4/5



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