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The Notebook: A romance to die for (New York Times)

The Notebook is a romantic drama that stars Allie (Rachel McAdams) and Noah (Ryan Gosling). In this classic, Noah is a part of the working class and Allie who is not, is always a constant struggle. It is hard for them to be together because of socials differences and because of Allies’ parents who feel she should not be with Noah. But that does not stop Noah from loving her, once he see what he wants, he goes miles to go get it. The movies starts off where Noah and Allie are in a nursing home where Allie has Alzheimer’s and Noah is trying to get her to remember him and everything they went through to be together. So Noah reads her these stories to help her remember, and these stories are really of her and Noah. The Notebook is for those who like romance movies but this movie would be for a more mature audience.

The Notebook is an American romantic classic that was directed by Nick Cassavetes and based off the novel (which is the same name). The novel was written by Nicholas Sparks and published on October 1, 1996.The Movie and book starts off from the present day where Noah and Allie are in a Nursing home together and the movie flips back and forth a couple of times from present to past, to show the circumstances of her in the present to the past.

This movie is based in the 1940s in South Carolina, so it has a southern feel too it. It makes things seem more romantic and simple because of that feel to it. Allie and Noah met at one of the carnivals there and that when he knew she was the one. They have this sweet and romantic summer love affair which turns into something more than they would have ever imagine. That grabs my attention and others as an audience member how they have this summer love adventure, but when her parents move and take her with them, they break up, this offers a catchy twist to the plot of the movie. Noah never stops loving her even though she was gone.

Critics crave over this romantic drama about this young couple who shows the world the true meaning of love. “Summer romance that blossoms between working class Noah and Prep school gal Allie is charming enough, but it’s their fights and breakup after her wealthy summer parents Anne and John forbid their frolics that dramatize how deeply these two feel for each other” (New York Times, Robert Koehler). People wonder how Allie and Noah fought through all the struggles they had. It was because of the love they had for one another. No matter how much they argued at the end of the day, they knew that they loved each other no matter what.

This movie is too good to be true! I have always been looking for a movie that is truly realistic and that can be related to real relationships in the real world. This is not one of the typical romance movie where everything in the movie is good, there are a lot of struggles and obstacles they went through in their relationship as a couple, and that’s too good be true. In the movie there is a part where Noah hangs from a Ferris wheel just to get Allie to go on date with her. This shows that he would have done anything to just to get her to go on a date with him. “Noah loves her the moment he sees her, and actually hangs by his hands from a bar on a Ferris wheel until she agrees to go out with him” (Robert Ebert). This shows Noah’s cute and corky behavior that he does to should that he does not care and he will do anything to grab the Allie’s attention.

In the movie when Allie returns back to South Carolina after seven years. She sees Noah for the first time and all her feeling for him reappear, and she falls in love with him all over again. A scene in the movie where Allie and Noah are in an argument and Noah says “it’s not gonna be easy, it’s gonna be really hard and we’re gonna have to work at this every day, but I wanna do that because I want you!” Noah shows how he is willing to work with Allie to fix the problems they have because he loves her, and does not want to let her go. This shows how being love and in a relationship is not easy it is hard and you have to work at it for it to be healthy and successful.

For those who many not like romance movies, they may just like this film. This film does not only consist of just love and gushy moments but, more about struggles and obstacles that this couple goes through throughout the film. This shows how going through these struggles for this couple made their love more strong and powerful any actually real. This might be inspiring for those who are having trouble in their relationships. This film has more than just a love feel to it. It has more of a testimony of breaking through obstacles, a common element many people or relationships are lacking today.

The movie ends with a nice romantic and sad twist where they are in the present day and Noah goes to Allie room in the middle of the night and she remembers everything, and Allie asks Noah “do you think our love can create miracles”, and he say “yes, that’s what brings you back to me each time.” Then Allie goes on and asks “do you think our love can takes us together.” (Closing scene) They hold hands and die together peacefully, turning into doves.

This movie should be on everyone’s must watch list even if you are not a romance fan. The Notebook is an inspirational film that shows the true meaning of love in a couple relationship. Anyone would fall in love this movie. If you are looking for answers to help your relationship, or a good inspiring movie or need something to watch then The Notebook is the movie.


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