Starring: Christian Bale, Oscar Isaac, Charlotte Le Bon, Daniel Giménez-Cacho, Shohreh Aghdashloo, Rade Serbedzija

Historical drama directed and co-written by Terry George which is set during the last days of the Ottoman Empire and follows medical student, Mikael Pogosian (Oscar Isaac), who arrives in Constantinople (Istanbul) determined to bring modern medicine back to Siroun, his ancestral village in Southern Turkey where Turkish Muslims and Armenian Christians have lived side by side for centuries.

We also follow photo-journalist Chris Myers (Christian Bale), who has come to Constantinople partly to cover geo-politics. He is mesmerized by his love for Ana (Charlotte Le Bon), an Armenian artist he has accompanied from Paris after the sudden death of her father.

When Michael meets Ana, their shared Armenian heritage sparks an attraction that explodes into a romantic rivalry between the two men even as Michael hangs on to a promise from his past. After the Turks join the war on the German side, the Empire turns violently against its own ethnic minorities. Despite their conflicts, everyone must find a way to survive, even as monumental events envelope their lives.


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Mesrob: The world is at your feet, Mikael, do us proud.


[meeting Michael]
Christopher Myers: Christopher Myers.
Brad: Chris is the star reporter for the Associated Press.
Christopher Myers: May I introduce Mademoiselle Ana Gusardi.


Brad: A toast, to old friends and new.


Ana: You’re going to become a doctor.
Mikael Pogosian: Yes, it’s my passion.


Brad: I hear a French accent.
Ana: I lived in Paris for many years, but I’m a proud Armenian.


Ana: Tell me about Constantinople.
Mikael Pogosian: It can be magical. In the Grand Bazaar you could buy the finest fashions from Paris and London, the latest automobiles from America. It can be horrible too, just like any great city.
Ana: Were you happy there?
Mikael Pogosian: It was a different life.


Ana: Mikael, you make me feel like I’ve come home.


Mesrob: Ana is a fine woman, Mikael. She’s very fond of you, it’s obvious.


Christopher Myers: These Germans want your Sultan to declare a holy war.


[after hearing a loud bang]
Ana: Oh, my God. What was that?


Christopher Myers: It is very dangerous for Armenians right now. I’m going to get you out of here.
Ana: If it’s not safe for me, then it’s not safe for any of my people.


Ismet Ogan: This is our opportunity, we will restore the great Ottoman Empire.


Mikael Pogosian: We cannot be here, we must leave!


Turkish Gendarme: What is the Associate Press doing here, Mr. Myers?
Christopher Myers: I’m reporting on the war.
Turkish Gendarme: There is no war here, merely the evacuation of the civilian population to a safer region.


British Diplomat: You are using this so-called relocation as a cover.


Mikael’s Mother: You trust no one.
Mikael Pogosian: I have to get us out of here before there’s no time left.


Ana: [to Chris] He wants us to help his family escape. We have to help them.


Christopher Myers: I’ve witnessed a history.
Mikael Pogosian: How wonderful it must be to go back to the comfort of your American home and write about it.


Stephan: We will make a stand. We will fire them from every rock.


Ana: Our revenge will be to survive.


Mikael Pogosian: No one here is safe. I have to get us out of here before there’s no time left.


Christopher Myers: [to Mikael] I was told that you organized an escape route. How can I help?


[to Ana; referring to Mikael]
Christopher Myers: Do you love him?


Mikael Pogosian: We will build a future together.


The Promise open date in the US April 21, 2017 and UK April 28, 2017.



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