By Samantha O


If you’re looking for a movie with the suspense of a thriller, fear of a scary movie, and the combat of an action movie, then The Purge: Anarchy is perfect for you! I love scary movies, and I am generally spot on with predicting what is going to happen next, but this movie was so unpredictable that I didn’t get it right one time. I have never had a scary movie that made me physically jump from fear until I saw The Purge: Anarchy. Even though it is extremely scary, it also touches many different genre types. Everything from the romantic side of a couple on the brink of divorce having to rely on each other for survival to the horror of the masked kidnappers who lurk around during the twelve hours of crime, murder, and terror to the action of one man on a mission to get revenge on the man who killed his son.

I was worried that I wouldn’t be able to follow The Purge: Anarchy because I didn’t see the original movie, but I quickly realized there was no need to see the first movie in order to follow the second since the characters were all new. The actors/actresses were very well chosen. Frank Grillo, chosen to play the central character who unexpectedly brings the rest of the characters together, conveyed a confident presence that was clearly on a mission to kill but was not portrayed as a monster because he was willing to provide aid to others even though he tried to fight his urge to help. He was also pretty easy on the eyes, ladies. As a whole, there was no over acting or lacking roles.

Overall, The Purge: Anarchy is a very well balanced movie. The producers did a fantastic job of talking about each character’s “story” for the perfect amount of time; not too little where you were confused but not too much where you could foresee the outcome or get bored. There are many characters that participate in the purge, some willing but most forced. Just to get a feel of some different reasons the characters are out, there is a couple who gets stuck on the side of the road only an hour away from commencement because the gang of masked killers waiting to prey on the weak and vulnerable sabotaged their car by disabling the power steering; a mother and her daughter were dragged out of their apartment by government armed men as a sacrifice since they lived in the poor community; and a man is armed and, against his ex-wife’s begging and pleading, has chosen to purge on the man who took his son’s life.

The main reason The Purge: Anarchy is so successful is because of the authenticity given by placing it in America and using the government. It talks about real problems that are on the rise in our country. It adds to the fear of what could come in the future if the crime rate, poverty, and population continue to increase. This bizarre approach to a possible real life solution is what makes this movie chilling.


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