By Kelsey (UK)


This 2014 “horror” film directed by Grégory Levasseur was a suspenseful and thrilling movie. Unfortunately, in my opinion the film doesn’t fall under horror. With the feeble attempt to make viewers look away in fear it definitely doesn’t do the horror genre justice.

I get it, a good horror is difficult to come by however this was just terrible in the light of horror. You knew what was coming, judging by the father being an archaeologist we knew he wouldn’t make it out alive and as for Michael who operated the robot, we knew he would die as soon as Nora’s father witnessed the two’s love interests. Very cliché if you ask me.

There are many aspects of this film I didn’t like, one of them being the enrollment of James Buckley. For those unfamiliar with the name let me familiarize you with him. Jay Cartwright – the blonde lad with the questionable haircut in the British television series The Inbetweeners (with the two follow up films). Familiar with him now? There are some actors and actresses who can never shake their iconic image. Miley Cyrus as Hannah Montana is one and James Buckley as Jay Cartwright is another. I’ve never imagined James Buckley playing in a more serious role and now that I’ve watched The Pyramid I certainly don’t want to see him in another one. Nothing against the actor of course, it’s just when you see a famous face doing something for so long it’s difficult to adjust to the thought of them doing other projects.

One of the other aspects was the ending. The film was consistent all the way through. It kept you wondering what they were going to do next or what they would discover. Even though we knew the father wasn’t going to make it out we expected someone would (my hopes were on the camera man Fitzie) But of course he died at the last moment which to put plainly – SUCKED.

Although the daughter (Nora) climbed up the ladder to fight off the crazy killer thing only to be dragged back to the bottom. And if that wasn’t enough, she escaped the death trap and climbed back up the ladder making it to the entrance of the Pyramid. I know what you’re thinking, YOU GO GIRL. Well, she didn’t quite make it. Instead she fell asleep in the tunnel entrance where a little boy found her and was killed by the crazy demon. And cut!

It sounds suspenseful, and don’t get me wrong – it was. Not knowing what actually happened to Nora really got me thinking. Thinking about how terrible the ending was considering there won’t be a second one! I thought it would be more heartfelt but obviously Grégory Levasseur doesn’t do heartfelt

I’ve spent a lot of time rambling on about the things I didn’t like but in all honesty I would watch the film again. Although it’s not a horror and it has really sucky parts to it, I loved the story line. Maybe knowing what was going to happen wasn’t a bad thing for this film. If you were to sit me down and force me to watch it I wouldn’t mind, but I feel sorry for those who paid to see this in cinemas. TOTALLY NOT WORTH IT.


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