By Patrick Mason (Australia)


This movie certainly goes to show that Hollywood has absolutely no excuse for making terrible action movies lately. The Raid: Redemption (2011) is written directed by Gareth Evans and stars Iko Uwais and Joe Taslim. The film focuses on a S.W.A.T team in Indonesia that infiltrates a hotel in order to take down a ruthless mobster who has been running his illegal operations from the inside. But they become helplessly trapped and are forced to fight their way out or they will be slaughtered by the mob.

The plot is beautifully simple, it knows exactly what it is and gives the people exactly what they want. An awesome action movie with a high body count! The movie doesn’t waste any time on stupid plot devices and dialogue scenes that bore you to death it just gets straight into the action and what incredible action it is! There is no infuriating shaky cam, no off camera punches and the blood actually looks realistic! The fight choreography in this movie is absolutely incredible and you really feel the intensity during the action scenes. The characters are not invincible either which brings you into the action much more and you don’t go into each scene having a preconceived idea that the good guy will kill all the bad guys and be on his way, you truly feel their fear.

This movie was made for barely more than 1 million dollars and contains action scenes miles better than any 100+ million Hollywood garbage I have seen in the past 4 years. I do have a couple of minor flaws with the film, whilst I did really enjoy the fact that it was self-aware and didn’t waste its time on any plot, I would have liked to see a bit more background to the characters because I didn’t feel myself caring for them a great deal in the parts of the film I was clearly supposed to. There were also a few minor editing issues that took me out of the film slightly such as audio being out of sync on several occasions but that I can forgive considering the films incredibly modest budget.

All in all this movie is amazing, action fans cannot miss this! Go see it!!!

Rating: 8/10


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