The Wolverine Quotes: Restoration of the Hero (Total Quotes: 59)

The Wolverine quotes are pensive and slow moving and a definite improvement than its predecessor, but not as much as was anticipated. The story has used Chris Claremont and Frank Miller's limited series as the source material, brief synopsis; haunted by the events of Last Stand, Logan is having nightmares of Jean Grey almost every night. On the verge of giving up, he's met by a mysterious pink-haired woman, Yukio, who takes Logan to Tokyo to meet with her employer, Yashida, a man Logan saved the life of back in World War II and who is now a wealthy founder of a powerful Japanese technology corporation. As Yashida is now on his deathbed, he propositions Logan with the choice of transferring his immortality to Yashida. Logan declines and what follows is a treacherous journey that will take Logan into the sordid underbelly of Japanese society and push him to his physical and emotional limits as faces his nemesis in an epic battle that will change him forever. The movie begins with a grand opening showing us how Logan meets Yashida during World War II then scales back and settles more into a character study than an all-out superhero action movie, making it a much slower paced film with a slightly clichéd view of Japanese culture. The script is more sharply focused than Origins and successfully commits to further exploring Logan's emotional baggage with Hugh Jackman looking more fearsome than ever and delivering a solid performance making him less cartoonish and more human. However, this doesn't save The Wolverine from being the rewarding experience as was hoped as the few action scenes that are included tend to be the weakest moments along with the pointless femme fatal character, Viper and the generic ending. Despite these flaws it's still entertaining and easily ranks among the better X-Men movies: X-Men, X2 and X-Men: First Class.

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Directed by: James Mangold
Written by:
Mark Bomback (screenplay)
Scott Frank (screenplay)
Hugh Jackman - Logan
Tao Okamoto - Mariko
Rila Fukushima - Yukio
Hiroyuki Sanada - Shingen
Svetlana Khodchenkova - Viper
Brian Tee - Noburo
Hal Yamanouchi - Yashida
Will Yun Lee - Harada
Ken Yamamura - Young Yashida
Famke Janssen - Jean Grey

The Wolverine Quotes  

[August 9th, 1945, Nagasaki, Japan - at the POW camp, young solider Yashida, sees B-52 bombers appear, he sounds the alarm and breaks open the prison cells freeing the American soldiers, we see Logan inside a well secured shut by tank turret watching everyone run for their lives, Yashida notices the tank turret, comes over and cuts open the chains, he looks inside to see Logan at the bottom of the well]
Young Yashida: Get out of here! Go! Go!
Logan: That was a B-29, Bub. That's only a warning of what's coming.
Senior Officer at POW Camp: Yashida! What the hell are you doing? Come over here quickly!
Logan: You're better off down here.
The Wolverine Quotes[Yashida hesitates and calls out to the other officers]
Logan: I'd hurry if I were you.
[Yashida turns and stars walking over to the three officers who are getting ready to kill themselves using their swords, Yashida sits beside them and watches the other three kill themselves, then he watches as Nagasaki is bombed and consumed by a massive fireball, as he's about to use his sword to kill himself Logan stops him]
Logan: Run! Now!
[they both jump into the well as the fire from the bomb takes over the POW camp]
Logan: Stay down!
[as the fire is swept into the well, Logan grabs a metal door and covers Yashida with it, when the fire is gone, Yashida looks up to see Logan burn to a crisp and watches in horror as as Logan heals before his eyes, feeling scared Yashida rises and tries to get out]
Logan: No, wait! No, no! Wait!
[Logan holds Yashida and looks up]
Logan: It's not safe.

[we see Logan waking up in bed]
Jean Grey: Wake up, wake up, wake up.
[Logan turns and sees Jean Grey in bed next to him]
Jean Grey: Where were you?
Logan: Nagasaki.
Jean Grey: That far back.
[Logan sits up and Jean starts kissing his shoulder]
Logan: You're here.
Jean Grey: Of course.
Logan: Can you stay?
Jean Grey: You know I can't.
Logan: Oh, Jean. I'm so sorry.
The Wolverine QuotesJean Grey: I know.
Logan: I'll never hurt you, or anyone, ever again. I made a vow.
Jean Grey: A solemn vow?
Logan: You're making fun of me.
[Jeans leans in close to Logan]
Jean Grey: It's too late.
[Logan looks down and sees his claws are inserted in her stomach with blood pouring out]
Logan: No!
[he takes his claws out of her stomach]
Logan: No, Jean!
[he tries to stop her bleeding]
Logan: No, no, no! Don't, please!
Jean Grey: You can't hide.
Logan: No, no, no!
Jean Grey: You can't hide.
Logan: No, Jean! No!
[as Logan screams in horror we see him awaken again, looking rough and bearded, living in a cave in the woods]

[after waking from his nightmare, Logan realizes that his radio is dying and needs batteries, he gets dressed, leave his cave and walks through the forest, passing a grizzly bear along the way, as Logan walks into town and enters the general store, we see a Japanese woman sat in car watching him, inside the store a small group of drunk hunters are stocking up to go into the mountains]
The Wolverine QuotesRed Beard: Mind calling that on store credit? Thanks, honey.
[the female cashier gives him a look as she totals up his stuff, Logan watches as his buddies outside honk their horn to call for him]
Red Beard: Yeah, Eddie, we're coming!
[the two hunters walks out of the store to join the rest of their buddies waiting in their truck, as Logan takes some batteries to the cashier, he hears a loud gun rifle going off and looks over to the hunters who are goofing around]
Red Beard: What are you doing? Man, you almost blew his foot off!
[inside the store the cashier looks at Logan]
Cashier: You're not a hunter, are you?
Logan: Not anymore.

[later that night, as Logan is sleeping his cave he's woken by cries of agony, he goes to investigate and finds the hunter's campsite empty and destroyed with evidence of bear attack, he follows the bear prints and finds the bear lying in the bear lying on the ground with an arrow sticking out of it's back]
Logan: What the hell?
[Logan goes to take out the arrow but the bear roars in pain, the bear is in obvious pain and wants to be put out of its misery]
Logan: Don't make me do this.
[Logan reluctantly uses his own claws to kill the bear, then takes out the arrow from its hide, sniffs the tip and realizes it's coated in poison, Logan finds the hunters truck by a local bar in the town, at the same time we see the woman from earlier still watching Logan from a distance; inside the bar the hunters are recounting their tale of being attacked by the bear]
Red Beard: Must've been damn near 12-feet tall. We didn't hear nothin', except twigs. And then it just came in on us. It got Riley, just cut at him. It got Eddie, ripped through the tent, knocked over the snowcamper like a toy.
[Logan enters the bar and hears all this]
Logan: You're the one who was attacked by the grizzly?
Red Beard: I'm the one that survived.
[Logan walks over to the bar tender]
Logan: I'd like to buy this man a drink.
[Logan turns to face the hunter]
Red Beard: What's your name, mister?
[Logan walks over the man and suddenly stabs the man's hand with the poisoned tipped arrow that was used on the bear, the man yells out in pain]
Logan: It's Logan. And that's a That's a poisoned broad-head, which last I heard was illegal.
[one of the bar patrons goes to attack Logan, but Logan easily deflects him and turns back to the hunter he's just stabbed in the hand]
Logan: Go ahead, ask me where I found it.
[Logan takes a sip pf the man's drink and then pours the rest on his stabbed hand]
Logan: Ask me.
Red Beard: Where did you find it?
Logan: Well, funny you should ask, I pulled it out of the back of a grizzly. Whoever shot it, didn't have the wind or the balls to track the animal properly and put it out of its misery.
[he pushes the arrow down further into the man's hand]
Logan: Instead of dropping a lethal dose of the poison that bled into the bear making him crazy and kill five people.
Red Beard: I don't know what you're talking about, cause I don't take my arrows on anything.
Logan: In that case you've got nothing to worry about.
[suddenly the hunter takes a glass and smashes it over Logan's face]
Logan: Damn.
[Logan turns and faces the hunter, a piece of glass has cut into his face, he takes the glass out and the cut on his face heals]
Logan: That hurt.
[Logan extends his claws]
Logan: Sorry, Jean.
[just as he's about to attack the hunter, the Japanese woman that was following him earlier stops him]
Yukio: I wouldn't bother with them. Most of them will die soon anyway, without your help. Three of them, one week from now, in the same truck.
[at that moment, the hunter takes out the arrow in his hand and is about to attack Logan and Yukio when she turns and kicks him aside]

[as the other bar patrons are getting ready to attack Yukio and Logan, Yukio holds out her samurai sword]
Yukio: This sword is hundreds of years old. It was named "Danza" by the first samurai who used it. Danza means "separator" in Japanese. The idea would be for separating head, and limb, from body.
[as one of the patrons pulls his gun on her, she quickly reacts by knocking him aside, she used sword to slice through a beer bottle and a bar stool, which frightens the patrons]
Yukio: Like so.
[she then turns to Logan]
Yukio: I'm parked in back.

[Logan opens Yukio's car door]
Yukio: Get in.
[Logan gets into the car and Yukio quickly drives off, Logan then tries to adjust his car seat, but the seat doesn't move]
Yukio: Sorry, it's a rental.
Logan: Who are you?
Yukio: Me? I'm Yukio.
Logan: And?
Yukio: I've been trying to find you for over a year.
Logan: Why?
Yukio: To give you that.
[she looks at the samurai sword placed in the back seat of the car]
Yukio: My employer wanted you to have it.
Logan: Who's your employer?
Yukio: Master Yashida.
[Logan touches the sword then notices a file which contains information about him]
Yukio: He said it belongs to you and that he's paying old debts. Master Yashida is dying, he wants to say thank you for saving his life all those years ago. He knows that you're a...busy man, but he very much wants to say his goodbye in person.
Logan: Alright, where is he?
Yukio: Tokyo.
Logan: We're not going to Japan.
Yukio: It would be dishonorable for you to refuse his request.
Logan: Well, apologize to Mr. Yashida. I'm not going to Tokyo. Alright? I got things to do.
Yukio: Do not apologize, it's been an honor just to meet the Wolverine.
Logan: That's not who I am anymore, do you understand?
Yukio: Interesting.

Yukio: Why did you go into the bar if not to seek justice?
Logan: I don't know.
Yukio: You don't know?
Logan: No!
Yukio: I think you know.
Logan: Pull over.
Yukio: You are a soldier.
Logan: No, I'm not. Pull over.
Yukio: You are a soldier.
Logan: Pull over, now. Now.
[Yukio pulls the car over and stops]
Yukio: You are a soldier, and you seek what all soldiers do.
Logan: And what's that?
Yukio: An honorable death, an end to your pain.
Logan: Who says I'm in pain?
Yukio: A man who has nightmares every night of his life is in pain.
[Logan looks at her for a moment before replying]
Logan: One day. We say goodbye to Mr. Yashida and come right back.
[Yukio smiles and nods her head]
Yukio: Okay.

[the next morning, Yukio leads Logan towards the private jet]
Yukio: Fifteen hours, depending on the wind.
Logan: Fifteen hours?
Yukio: You don't like to fly?
Logan: I love it.
[during the flight as Yukio sleeps, Logan sits looking uncomfortable as the jet experiences turbulence]
Yukio: We are almost there.
Logan: So you can see the future?
Yukio: I can read a map.
Logan: You said you knew the future of those assholes in the bar.
Yukio: I know they are going to die. We are all going to die.
Logan: You said they would die in the same truck, in a week. If you're right, that's quite a talent.
Yukio: We don't know all have claws.
[at that moment the jet trembles as it goes through more turbulence causing Logan more discomfort]
Logan: So do I die on this plane?
Yukio: No, not on this plane.

[after they arrive in Japan, as Yukio checks her messages on her cell phone as they are being chauffeur driven to Yashida's house]
Yukio: Master Yashida is not well tonight.
[when they arrive at Yashida's house, Logan notices the henchmen with guns surrounding the house]
Logan: Why the guns?
Yukio: There have been attacks. Attempted kidnappings, attempted assassinations.
Logan: By who?
Yukio: The Japanese mob, the Yakuza. They've grown stronger as the government has grown weaker.
[as Logan tries to enter the house, the henchmen stop him, they pass a detector around his body which starts beeping due to the metal alloy adamantium bonded to his skeleton]
Logan: Hip replacement.

[as Logan waits inside Yashida's house, he notices two men doing martial arts, Yukio comes up behind him]
Yukio: Hey.
[Logan turns to Yukio]
Yukio: This way.
[referring to one of the men practicing martial arts]
Logan: Who's that?
Yukio: Shingen. Master Yashida's son.
[Logan watches Shingen as he beats his opponent]
Logan: He's good.
Yukio: He's alright.

[referring to Yukio traditional Japanese outfit as she takes him to Yashida]
Logan: So what happened to the bad-ass and boots?
Yukio: Master Yashida is traditional. One eye on the past, and the other on the future.
[Yukio opens the door to Yashida's room and peeks inside where Yashida's granddaughter, Mariko, is sat by his bedside holding his hand as they are deep in conversation]
Yukio: That's Mariko, his granddaughter
[they watch as Mariko's conversation with Yashida ends, she rises from her seat looking upset, she notices Logan as she walks out of the room, Yukio calls out to her and starts speaking in Japanese]
Yukio: [subtitled] Mariko, what's wrong with you?
[Mariko doesn't reply but instead embraces Yukio and starts crying]
Yukio: [subtitled] You haven't answered my emails.
Mariko: [subtitled] I can't tell you now.
Yukio: [subtitled] Yes, you can.
[Mariko looks over at Logan, who's watching them from the other side of the room]
Mariko: [subtitled] Who is the caveman?
Yukio: [subtitled] The man your grandfather wanted me to find.
Mariko: [subtitled] You can't bring him in like that.
[Mariko walks off]

[Yukio takes Logan to a room containing a bathtub with two women standing by the tub]
Yukio: Shizu and Saki are going to disinfect you.
[Logan looks at Yukio]
Yukio: Give you a shave.
Logan: Like hell they are.
[as Logan turns to leave Yukio stops him]
Yukio: Get in the tub.
[Logan tries to leave again but Tukio stops him and draws her knife out]
Logan: Woh.
Yukio: Get in the tub.
Logan: Really?
[we then see a naked Logan in the tub and getting scrubbed by the two women]
Logan: Okay, ookay. Alright, alright, alright, alright. I can do...I can do that.
[later, Logan, now looking clean, shaved and presentable, notices Yukio smiling as she escorts him to Yashida's room]
Logan: What?
[Yukio doesn't reply but continues to smile]
Logan: What?
Yukio: You look nice.
Logan: I feel violated.

[Yukio and Logan enter Yashida's room, as they walk in Logan notices a female doctor in the room, Logan then walks over to Yashida's bedside and Yashida watches him]
Yashida: Kuzuri. You look the same, but then that is no surprise.
[his doctor walks past Logan]
Yashida: Dr. Green, leave us, please.
[she looks at Logan]
Viper: Five minutes, no more.
[Logan watches her as she walks out of the room]
Yashida: My oncologist.
Logan: Well done.
[as Yukio helps Yashida drink, Logan looks around the room and notices parasites being kept in glass jars, he then notices the large painting on the wall]
Yashida: The painting is from the village of my birth. It depicts the bravery and skill of the Black Clan; Ninja warriors. They served my family for seven centuries.

Yashida: I didn't just send for you only to thank you, Logan. I wanted to repay you.
[Logan looks over to Yukio for a moment]
Yashida: To offer you something no one else can. A gift to equal the life you gave to me.
Logan: I don't need anything.
Yashida: Not a thing. Eternity can be a curse. It hasn't been easy for you, living without time, the losses you have had to suffer. A man can run out of things to live for, lose his purpose. Become a Ronin, a samurai without a master. I can end your eternity, make you mortal.
Logan: What they...what they did to me, what I am, that can't be undone.
Yashida: Yashida Industries can do anything. We have reason to believe that your ability to heal can be passed.
The Wolverine QuotesLogan: Passed?
Yashida: From you to another. You have struggled long enough, Logan.
Logan: I'm confused. I...I came here to say goodbye to a man I once knew.
Yashida: I am the same man. I was not ready to die then, I'm not ready to die now.
[he pauses for a moment]
Yashida: But you are, aren't you?
Logan: You offering to kill me?
Yashida: No, not right away. You can live a long and ordinary life. Fall in love, have a family, grow old, and one day die an ordinary death.
[there's a moment's pause]
Yashida: It can be done.
Logan: Yeah, look. Nice to see you again, sorry you got sick.
[Logan starts to walk away, but Yashida grabs his arm and stops him]
Yashida: Please, Logan-san. I need you here. I fear for my family, I fear for everything I have built.
Viper: Enough.
Yashida: Please. Please, Logan-san.
[to Logan]
Viper: You should leave.
Yashida: They want to kill her.
Logan: Who?
Yashida: Mariko, my granddaughter. She's my treasure, she must be protected.
Logan: You don't want what I've got.
[Logan turns and walks out of the room]
Yashida: Kuzuri! Kuzuri!

[as Logan leaves Yashida's room he sees Shingen, Yashida's son and Mariko fighting then Shingen slaps her, Mariko notices Logan watching her, looking heartbroken, Mariko runs aiming to throw herself off the nearest cliff, but is quickly saved by Logan]
Mariko: Let go!
[Mariko struggles in Logan's arms, trying to get free]
Logan: You about done?
Mariko: Let go of me.
[Logan let's go of her and watches her as she turns and walks away]

[later that night Logan is in a room drying off from the rain when Yukio enters]
Logan: He just wanted to say goodbye, huh?
[Logan turns from her and pours himself some tea, he notices a photo of Yukio and Mariko together when they were young]
Logan: You two grew up together?
Yukio: Yes.
Logan: But you're not her sister.
Yukio: No. Master Yashida found me on a trip to the south. He brought Mariko to see a factory he was building. I was digging through the garbage for something to eat.
Logan: So he just took you home with him?
Yukio: It was always difficult for Mariko to make friends.
[Logan turns away from her]
Yukio: I'll see to it a plane is ready in the morning.
[Yukio turns to leave]
Yukio: Sleep here.

[that night as Logan tries to sleep he starts having flashback to when he first met the younger Yashida and also what Yashida had told him earlier on that night]
Yashida: [voice over] Eternity can be a curse.
[Logan has flashback to when he'd saved Yashida from the fire in the well]
Young Yashida: Kuzuri, you are not in pain? Kuzuri, how old are you?
[Logan suddenly hears Jean's voice]
Jean Grey: Interesting offer.
[he looks over and sees Jean lying next to him in bed]
Jean Grey: What are you doing, turning the old man down? I thought you wanted to be with me?
Logan: Come here.
[Jeans rolls on top of him and they start kissing, as they are kissing Jean turns into Viper, Logan stops kissing her and they stare at each other for a moment before Viper kisses him again, she deposits something down Logan's throat and leaves, Logan struggles to breath for a moment then sits up and draws his claws looking around him, he hears a commotion outside his room and looks outside, he sees paramedics carting Yashida's dead body away, Yukio comes over to him in tears]
Yukio: He's dead. I didn't foresee it.

[at Yashida's funeral, Logan arrives with Yukio, he notices Viper arriving and looking suspicious, as they makes their way through the funeral procession, Logan notices Mariko with someone]
Logan: Who's that with Mariko?
Yukio: His name is Noburo Mori. Minister of Justice, a rising star. He's Mariko's fiancé.
[to Logan after a moment's pause]
Yukio: You need to bow.
The Wolverine Quotes[they walk over to Shingen and Yukio bows, but Logan is too busy watching Mariko, Yukio whispers to Logan]
Yukio: Bow.
[Logan bows his head and Shingen bows his head in return]
Yukio: Lord Shingen, this is Mr. Logan.
Shingen: I know who he is.
Logan: Your father was a good man.
Shingen: He would often say the same about you. But then, he was always fascinated with your kind. Tell me, why do you think he sent our little Yukio to fetch you?
Logan: To say goodbye.
Shingen: And now you have. Time for you to go back to your cave.
[Yukio leads Logan away from Shingen; to Yukio]
Logan: Anyone else you want me to meet?

[as Yashida's funeral procession is taking place we see a man on the roof of a building nearby looking down as the funeral takes place]
Harada: [subtitled] I pledge to you, Master Yashida, to be vigilant and to dedicate my life to protect Mariko.
[referring to the armor made to stand next to Yashida's casket]
Yukio: The army build the "Shiruba Samurai", The Silver Samurai. It will stand watch over the old man forever.
[Logan watches as Mariko is ushered to the front by a traditionally dressed priest, but Logan notices that the priest's arm, peeking out from his sleeve, is tattooed, Logan starts walking up to the front]
Yukio: Logan.
[Logan grabs hold of Mariko's hand and turns her around]
Logan: Hey, something's not right.
Mariko: Let go.
[Logan reluctantly let's go of her arm and she joins the priest, Logan then notices another priest looking suspicious when suddenly the priest pulls out a gun from under his robe and shoots Logan in the chest, the rest of the priests take off the robes to reveal that they are Yakuza]
Yukio: Logan! Logan!
[Logan sees one of the Yakuza's grab hold of Mariko and take her away, Yukio starts fighting off some the men and turns to shout at Logan again]
Yukio: Logan!

[Logan chases after the men leading Mariko away, he's shot multiple times and struggles to regain his strength, Harada also joins in the fight from the roof by shooting arrows at the men, Logan manages to catch up with the men and kill them before turning to Mariko]
Logan: Let's go. Come on, let's go!
[as Logan tries to get Mariko away, they are attacked by more men, Harada helps them by shooting at them with his arrow]
Logan: Mariko!
The Wolverine Quotes[Logan and Mariko run through the city as they are chased by the Yakuza with Harada following them on the rooftops of buildings]
Logan: Let's go! Let's go!
[they continue running away from the men, when Logan notices an arcade]
Logan: Here, here! Here!
[they run inside and the men chase after them when Logan notices a back room]
Logan: In here! Move!
[Logan shuts the door in time as one of the men catches up with them, Logan then uses his claws to kill the man through the door; to Mariko]
Logan: Keep moving. Keep moving.
[they get out of the room]
Logan: Move! Move!
[they run out of the arcade]

[as they leave the arcade Mariko notices Logan looking weak and bleeding]
Mariko: You're bleeding, you need help.
Logan: Just keep moving.
[they enter a train station, looking in pain, Logan stops, Mariko turns to him]
Mariko: Thank you for what you did back there.
Logan: Those were Yakuza.
Mariko: I'm fine.
Logan: Why were they after you?
Mariko: I'm fine. I can make my way from here. You should go, get yourself a doctor.
[Mariko turns and walks away from Logan, as the Yakuza enter the station Logan starts following Mariko, she boards a bullet train and takes a seat, she hears someone slump in their seat, she turns to see that it's Logan sat a couple of seats behind her]
Logan: That's nice. This is one of those bullet trains, right?
Mariko: I told you, I don't need your help.
Logan: What do they do, like three hundred miles an hour?

[after the commotion at Yashida's funeral, Noburo confronts the barrage of news reporters all waiting outside]
Noburo: [subtitled] This cowardly attack was the work of Yakuza thugs. A violent response to my efforts to crack down on organized crime.
[as Noburo is giving his speech, one of guards updates him on Logan and Mariko's escape]
Security Guard: [subtitled] They exited the North Gate, she was with the stranger.
[Shingen walks up to Yukio]
Shingen: Your gaijin friend, where is he?
Yukio: Last I saw, he was protecting your daughter.
[Shingen smiles maliciously]
Shingen: You are a toy doll, a companion for a child who has outgrown you. Keep that in mind.
[Shingen leaves her]

[back on the bullet train with Logan and Mariko]
Logan: So where are we headed, Mariko?
[Mariko doesn't answer]
Logan: Where are we going?
[Mariko turns to face him]
Mariko: I'm going to the end of the line. My family has a home in the south.
Logan: That's stupid. No offense, but they're gonna know to look for you there.
Mariko: Not this place.
Logan: Look, you wanna be left alone.
Mariko: Yes.
Logan: I understand.
Mariko: Do you?
Logan: Oh, yeah. Trust me. Problem is, if I do that I don't think you're gonna live to see the end of the day. You can't pretend shit isn't happening when it is, princess. Unless you wanna die, in that case, you're playing this perfectly.
[Mariko ignore him and puts headphones into her ears]

[as his wounds aren't healing, Logan goes to the train's bathroom to examine the wounds on his chest]
Logan: Ow, what the hell?
[he takes his shirt off and tries to clean the blood from the wounds, he looks in the mirror]
Logan: What the hell is happening?
[as he leaves the bathroom he's met by four Yakuza soldiers who shoot and stab him, Logan retaliates by killing two of the men and ripping a hole in the side of the train, two of the soldiers are sucked out onto the side of the train, along with Logan, the three fight one another on top of the train as it speeds along, eventually Logan kills the soldiers and returns to Mariko in the train looking out of breath]
Mariko: What happened to you?
Logan: We get off here, let's go.

[after getting off the train]
Logan: Just listen, we need to find some place safe.
Mariko: I don't understand. How do you know they were Yakuza?
Logan: They were the same guys from the temple.
Mariko: How do you know they were after me?
Logan: Look, we need to find someplace safe. We need to get off the street.
Mariko: I don't know understand.
Logan: Shut up! Listen. Do you know this place? Where's downtown?
Mariko: Straight ahead.
[they walk down the street heading for downtown, Logan looks around him]
Logan: So where is the nice part of town?
Mariko: Another eight blocks that way.
Logan: Good. We're staying here.
[he points to the hotel behind them]
Logan: Let's go.
[they enter the hotel]
Mariko: This is a Love Hotel.
Logan: A what?
Mariko: A Love Hotel, for couples. Understand?
Logan: Uh...right. Um...
[Logan turns to the hotel clerk]
Logan: Hey. Uh...two rooms, adjoining rooms, on the same floor. Right next to each other.
[the clerk says something in Japanese]
Logan: Very close.
Mariko: No!
Logan: Same floor. Same floor.
[the woman keeps replying in Japanese, obviously not understanding Logan, Mariko then steps forward and speaks in Japanese to the woman, explaining what they want, the woman points to some of the rooms on the small TV monitors]
Logan: What did she say?
Mariko: She has no rooms available next to each other. She's asking if we prefer 'The Dungeon', 'The Nurses Office', or 'The Mission to Mars'.

[they enter the Mission to Mars themed room and Mariko gives Logan a look]
Logan: This looks...kind of homey, actually.
[Logan closes the door]
Mariko: Where do you plan on sleeping?
Logan: I don't.
[later that night, as Mariko is sleeping, Logan is standing watch on the balcony as it rains heavily, he walks over to the window and looks at Mariko as she sleeps, he looks down on the ground and notices blood washing away in the rain]
Jean Grey: That's a lot of blood.
[Logan looks up and sees Jean standing next to him on the balcony in the rain]
Jean Grey: I thought you were done being a hero.
Logan: These guys were...trying to kill her.
Jean Grey: Just let it go. It's not hard to die. Come to me.
[inside the room, Mariko wakes to notice Logan outside on the balcony falling to the ground as he passes out]

[Logan awakens in a veterinarian's office, he looks around him and sees a man and an older woman having a heated discussion he then sees Mariko, he rises from the lab table]
Mariko: This is Mieko, from the hotel, and her grandson, Hitoshi.
Logan: Is he a doctor?
Mariko: In a manner of speaking, yes. He's a veterinarian. He's treated large animals.
Logan: Uh...thanks.
[Logan extends his hand towards Mieko, but Mieko backs off in fear]
Logan: Ooh.
Mariko: You may have cut him once or twice while he was stitching you.
[Mieko looks at Logan in fear]
Mieko: Okay, okay, okay, okay, okay.
[Mariko tries to calm Mieko down; to Mariko]
Logan: Hey, thanks.
[Logan looks down at the bandage on his chest wound]
Logan: I never needed this before.
Mariko: What? Help?
Logan: The doctor, the one who helped your grandfather, the blond, who is she?
Mariko: He met her last year when he was in America for treatment.
Logan: Your grandfather told me my healing could be taken from me, passed on. I'm not getting better, not like before. She did this to me.

[Viper walks through a seedy back-alley, her blond hair draws the attention of a Japanese business man who thinks she's a prostitute]
Japanese Businessman: Blondie! Blondie. How much? How much, yeah? How mu...
[Viper suddenly kisses him and spits green acid into his mouth, she lets him go and walks off, we see Harada waiting for her impatiently, he turns and sees her walking towards him]
Harada: You kept me waiting two hours. You have no respect.
Viper: So, you haven't found them?
[suddenly Harada grabs Viper by her throat and pushes her against the wall]
Harada: Don't play with me, bitch, or I can kill you!
Viper: Oh, if you could make me feel something, Harada, that would be sublime.
Harada: I can slit your pretty mouth open before you open to say one more stupid thing.
Viper: I asked you to do one thing, little man. Bring me the mutant.
Harada: I don't work for you, I work for the house of Ya...
[she blows green poison onto Harada's face which starts to melt the skin on his face, she grabs him by the throat and pushes him against the wall]
Viper: You work for Yashida, I get it. Yet you cannot fulfill his dying wish. My God, if you had any idea how much you have failed him. Where is Logan? I'm not done with him.
[she blows into his face again which heals the skin on his face and let's him go]
Harada: The mutant has powers.
[Viper throws Harada against the wall again]
Viper: He's just a man now. His flesh is weak now. I did that, I suppressed his powers so he could be taken. You see? It's me you should respect.
[she throws Harada to the ground]
Viper: Just find them, before the Yakuza.
[she walks off]

[the next morning, Logan and Mariko are sat on a bus, Logan is asleep and is clearly having a nightmare, as the bus stops he wakes and looks at Mariko]
Mariko: We get off here.
[they get off the bus and Logan follows Mariko]
Logan: Where are we?
Mariko: Just outside Nagasaki.
[they buy groceries and Mariko takes Logan to her old family home, as she cooks dinner Logan looks at the photo's on the wall and notices and old photo of Mariko with Harada]
Logan: This is the guy from the funeral, the archer. He was your boyfriend.
Mariko: That's Harada. We were village champions that summer. Him with a bow, and me, at knives. Harada and I were planning to get married.
Logan: What stopped you?
Mariko: Grandfather. He said we had to wait until we were at least fifteen.
[she places the food on the table and points to the dishes]
Mariko: From the mountain, from the sea.
[she bows her head and blesses the food, Logan tries to copy her but gets the word wrong, then he places his chopsticks in his food, Mariko takes them out of the food and places them on the table]
Mariko: Chopsticks upright are a bad omen. They resemble the incense at a funeral. Nothing is without meaning.

Logan: So the other night at the house, when you uh...ran out in the rain, what did mean?
Mariko: My grandfather was dying.
Logan: You knew he was gonna die, been sick for a long time.
Mariko: It wasn't his death I feared.
Logan: What then?
[Mariko doesn't reply]
Logan: What did he tell you that night?
[Mariko still doesn't reply]
Logan: Mariko, why did your father hit you?
Mariko: I was trying to warn him.
Logan: About what? What did your grandfather tell you?
Mariko: He told me...that in three days, when they read his will I will become the most powerful person in Japan. He gave it all to me.
Logan: The company?
[she nods her head]
Mariko: I didn't want it. He knew that. I don't understand why he gave it to me. It was all my father dreamed of.
Logan: And that's why. What about this fiancé of yours, Nostromo?
Mariko: Noburo.
Logan: Does he know about this?
Mariko: No.
Logan: Why are you marrying him? He seems like kind of an asshole.
Mariko: My father arranged it, last year.
Logan: What?
Mariko: It gives him better access to the political theater. To disobey my father would be to dishonor him. I don't expect you to understand.
[she takes his chopsticks out of his food again]
Mariko: You're not Japanese.

[at the Yashida's house, Shingen meets with some police officers]
Shingen: [subtitled] Our islands are long and thin. The trains only run in two directions.
Lead Officer: [subtitled] I assure you, Lord Shingen, my officers are making every effort...
Shingen: [subtitled] Then they're idiots. You've wasted enough of my time. I have my father's affairs to attend to.
[he turns and starts to walk back into the house but turns back to the men]
Shingen: [subtitled] Get out and find her!
[he walks into the house where Noburo is waiting]
Shingen: Tell me you have more promising news from your contacts. They open the will in three days, we are running out of time.
Noburo: Soon, I hope. I'm sending men to the south. That's where we found the bodies.

[the following morning, as Logan is shaving, Yukio and Mariko talk on the phone]
Yukio: [subtitled] If the Yakuza got into the funeral they had someone inside.
Mariko: [subtitled] They'll never find me here.
Yukio: [subtitled] You're not safe. I'm coming down there.
Mariko: [subtitled] They'll follow you.
Yukio: [subtitled] Please.
Mariko: [subtitled] Wait a few days. Please. I'm fine. Logan's here.
Yukio: [subtitled] He's wounded, Mariko.
suddenly Mariko hears someone's voice
Mariko: [subtitled] Someone's here. I have to go.
[Mariko ends the call and rises to go see who is outside]
Logan: Mariko? Mariko?
[Logan walks to the door and sees Mariko talking to a woman outside the house]
Old Woman: [subtitled] A tree fell on the road. The men could use some help.
[Mariko turns to look at Logan]

[later in the day after helping the locals remove the tree from the road, as Mariko and Logan walk back home, Logan sits down looking tired]
Mariko: You okay?
Logan: Yeah, tired.
Mariko: Do you need something?
Logan: No.
[just then a street vendor walks by and Mariko buys some apple and throws one to Logan]
Mariko: This will help.
[as Logan eats his apple he notices something familiar in the distance, he starts walking ahead and comes to a stop as he realizes he's in the same location of the prison camp from back in WWII, he notices the well in which he saved Yashida's life and has a flashback]
Logan: It's time.
[as Logan turns to start climbing up the well he turns to see young Yashida holding a Japanese sword]
Young Yashida: Please, take it. Thank you.
[Logan takes the sword and holds it with one hand looking at it]
Young Yashida: No. Two hands. Japanese sword require two hands.
[Logan places his other hand on the sword]
Logan: Like that?
Young Yashida: That's it.
Logan: It's beautiful, Yashida. But I can't take it.
Young Yashida: Please. Thank you.
Logan: Keep it safe. Keep it safe for me. Someday I'll come get it.
[Yashida reluctantly takes back the sword]
Logan: It's time.
[Logan and Yashida climb up the well, as they reach the top Logan looks out and sees the whole town has been destroyed by the bombers, he looks over to Yashida who starts weeping]

[Mariko follows Logan to the location of the well]
Logan: I was here, when it happened. First time I met your grandfather. We hid in there.
Mariko: I heard the stories. My grandfather would say, what happened here was proof that everything in the world finds peace...eventually.
[there's a moment's silence]
Mariko: That man can recover from anything. Maybe you, too. You don't sleep very well. You call out in the night.
[Logan and Mariko look at each other for a moment]
Mariko: Who's Jean?
[Logan doesn't reply and turns his face from her]
Mariko: We should go back. There's rain coming.
[Mariko starts walking away]

[they run back to the house as it starts raining heavily, later Mariko prepares them some tea, Logan enters the room wearing a kimono but struggles to tie the sash, Mariko walks up to him]
Mariko: This isn't right.
[she starts wrapping the material around Logan's waist]
Mariko: You need this tight, like a proper samurai.
Logan: Your grandfather called me a Ronin; a samurai without a master. He said I was destined to live forever, with no reason to live.
Mariko: Was he right?
Logan: Yes.
Mariko: Still?
[Logan kisses Mariko; later as they sleep in bed next to each other Logan starts dreaming of Jean again, instead of Mariko turning to him he sees Jean turning next to him in bed]
Jean Grey: Hey. What are you doing?
[Logan doesn't reply]
Jean Grey: This isn't gonna end well. Everyone you love dies.
[suddenly a samurai soldier attacks him with his sword and as Logan goes to defend himself he wakes up next to Mariko with his claws drawn, Mariko touches his hand to calm him]
Mariko: Kuzuri. Do you know what that means?
[Logan doesn't reply]
Mariko: An animal, fierce creature, with long claws and sharp teeth. It fears nothing. When I was a girl I had nightmares. I'd wake up and run to my parents. My father would get angry.
[she says something in Japanese]
Mariko: "Go back to sleep and face your fears." My grandfather was different. He told me stories about Kuzuri, his friend, who he met at the bottom of a well. He said Kuzuri was magical, and saved his life. He said Kuzuri would protect me, too, as I slept in my bed.
[she sits up]
Mariko: Who is Jean?
[Logan doesn't reply]
Mariko: Is she like you? What happened to her?
Logan: She died. I killed her. Along with the Kuzuri.
[Logan lies back in bed, Mariko joins him and puts her head on his shoulder; on the same night as Yukio is sleeping she suddenly wakes from a bad dream]
Yukio: Logan...

[the next morning Logan wakes to find himself alone in bed, as he gets dressed he looks for Mariko]
Logan: Mariko?
[he hears Mariko screaming and runs outside to look for her]
Logan: Mariko? Mariko!
[he hears her screaming again and runs a little further to see her being dragged in the street below by two men, he jumps down and starts chasing after them]
Logan: Mariko!
[Mariko is thrown into a car]
Mariko: Logan!
[one of the men shoots at Logan and hits his leg, Logan manages to run towards the car and grabs hold of the man and throws him aside, but he's too late as the car drives off with Mariko inside, Logan walks to the man he threw down and takes hold of him]
Logan: Where are they taking her? Where are they taking her?! Where are they, you piece of shit?
Dying Yakuza: I don't talk, gaijin. I never talk.
[Logan draws his claws and stabs him]
Logan: Who hired you?

[Yukio drives into the village and sees Logan limping in the street]
Yukio: Uh-oh.
[Logan enters her car and sits next to her]
Logan: Take me to Noburo.
Yukio: Logan.
Logan: Take me to him.
Yukio: I need to tell you something.
Logan: Do it. Now.
[Yukio drives them to Noburo's apartment and stops outside the building]
Logan: You wait in the car.
[Logan opens to door to get out]
Yukio: Logan.
Logan: What?
Yukio: I saw you die.
Logan: What?
Yukio: I saw you die.
Logan: What, just now?
Yukio: A while ago. It's not like I get a complete picture, more like looking through a keyhole. But I'm always right. All I can see is one part of a person's life, their death. And I saw yours.
[she starts crying]
Logan: What did you see?
Yukio: I see you on your back, there's blood everywhere. You're holding your own heart in your hand. It's not beating.
Logan: I don't have time for this shit.
[Logan goes to open the car door again]
Yukio: When I was five, I knew how my own parents would die. I watched it happen from the back seat.
Logan: Look at me.
[Yukio turns her face to look at him]
Logan: A lot of people have tried to kill me and I'm still here.
Yukio: Yeah. But you're different now, aren't you? They can hurt you. They can kill you.
Logan: Just wait in the car.
[Logan gets out of the car and starts walking towards the building]

[Yukio follows Logan as he walks towards Noburo's apartment building]
Logan: I said wait in the car.
Yukio: You need back-up. You're not safe, not in your condition.
[she opens the building door for Logan]
Yukio: Just think of me as your bodyguard.
[they find Noburo in his apartment, in his underwear with a pair of western prostitutes, one of them notices Logan watching them and screams]
Logan: Get out.
[the two prostitutes quickly leave the apartment; to Noburo]
Logan: Not you. Now call me old-fashioned, but I thought being engaged means you're done with this kind of bullshit.
Noburo: I am the Minister of Justice. Do you have any idea what I could do to you?
Logan: Really? You're gonna try talk tough standing there in your red underwear? You have ten words, ten words, to explain to me, why you, the Minister of Justice, would want your fiancé killed by the Yakuza. Now, if I don't like what you say, you're going through that window.
Noburo: You don't have the faintest idea of what's going...
[suddenly Logan punches Noburo in the throat, Logan turns to Yukio]
Logan: How many words was that?
Yukio: Nine.
Logan: Nine.

[to Noburo]
Logan: You have one word left.
[Noburo doesn't reply]
Logan: Really?
[Logan punches him in the face and Noburo cries out in pain]
Noburo: Shingen! Shingen!
Logan: Keep going.
Noburo: Since he got sick, old man Yashida spent billions on doctors, healers, stockpiling adamantium at his lab in the North. Secretly trying to prolong his life. He brought the company to the edge of bankruptcy. He was obsessed with you!
[he looks at Yukio and starts speaking in Japanese, suddenly Logan punches him again]
Logan: English!
Noburo: Shingen and I protected the old man, concealed the debts from stockholders and board. He tried to be a good son and thought he'd be rewarded.
Logan: And then the old man left everything to his granddaughter.
Yukio: If Mariko got all that power, she would dump his ass.
Noburo: It's true. Mariko would have never gone through with the wedding. Not once the will was released. She never took to me.
Logan: Oh, really? A class act like you?
Noburo: Shingen promised me a fortune for my help.
Logan: So you put a hit on his daughter, is that it?
Noburo: Political careers don't last forever.
Logan: That's right.
[Logan grabs hold of Noburo and drags him to the window]
Noburo: Wait! No! You wanted the truth, I told you the truth...!
[Logan throws Noburo off the balcony]
Logan: I didn't like it.
[Yukio looks down the balcony and sees Noburo has landed in the swimming pool below]
Yukio: Wow. How did you know there was a pool down there?
Logan: I didn't.

[Marika is brought to the Yashida estate, where her father is waiting for her in his office]
Shingen: [subtitled] Did you know I studied biology in college? Genetics. There are genes that skip generations. Recessive genes. Eyes. Hair. Talent. Temperament. Not every child gets the same. My father saw little of himself in me. But in you...he faced a mirror.
[Marika goes to leave the room but finds guards waiting outside, Shingen indicates for his guards to go and close the door; at the same time Ninjas enter the compound and secretly dispatch with the Yakuza hired by Shingen]
Shingen: [subtitled] How did you convince my father to give you control of Asia's largest corporation?
Mariko: [subtitled] You've gone insane.
Shingen: [subtitled] I'm just waking up.
Mariko: [subtitled] If you kill me, you will lose what little honor you have left.
[Shingen goes to slap Marika but she quickly catches his hand before he hits her]
Shingen: [subtitled] Fear not, Mariko. I don't want to hurt you. I want to help you. Help you end your pain...what that mutant stopped you from doing last week.
[Shingen takes hold of her arm and starts to drag her outside]
Mariko: [subtitled] I never wanted to die, father.
[suddenly the Ninjas corner Shingen and Mariko and Mariko tries to fight one of them off]
Harada: [subtitled] It's alright, Mariko.
[Mariko ahead and sees Harada, dressed as a Ninja, walking over to her]
Harada: [subtitled] Come with me.
Mariko: [subtitled] What is happening?
Harada: [subtitled] More than you can imagine.

[after being cornered by the Ninjas, Viper enters the room]
Shingen: You.
Viper: Me. Sorry to interrupt, but, I need your daughter alive.
Shingen: What are you?
Viper: A chemist, a nihilist, a capitalist. A mutation.
[she takes a pen from his desk and with her snake like tongue touches the tip of the pen to administer her poison]
Viper: A viper.
[she suddenly stabs Shingen with the tip of the pen and the poison spreads through his face, he stumbles outside and falls into the pool]

[later Logan and Yukio arrive at the Yashida estate and notice that it's deserted]
Yukio: Where is the security?
[they enter the house]
Logan: Shingen!
[they enter Yashida's private room and Logan looks around]
Yukio: Logan.
[Logan walks over and sees a note placed on the dead body of a guard which says "Come and get her", Logan picks up the note and sees that it has photo of a facility]
Logan: This, this here, where is this?
Yukio: Master Yashida's birthplace. Top of the hill at the south, into the mountains.
Logan: How far?
Yukio: Five hundred kilometers from here.

[Logan looks at the hight tech medical equipment in the room and climbs onto Yashida's MRI machine, he guides the x-ray over his body and discovers one of the parasites that were being kept in the glass jars is now attached to his heart]
Logan: I gotta get that thing out of me.
Yukio: How?
[Logan takes off his shirt]
Yukio: Stop, Logan. I saw you die! I'm never wrong. I'm never wrong!
Logan: You're not always right. You didn't know the old man's was gonna bite it.
Yukio: I saw you dying in a room like this, with your heart in your hand.
Logan: I just can't leave her with all those freaks and killers. Yukio, I'm the only chance she's got. But not with that thing inside me.
[Logan draws his claws]
Yukio: You're going to die, Logan!
Logan: Maybe that's okay.
[Logan starts cutting open his chest]
Yukio: No! Listen to me, Logan! No, stop! Logan!
Logan: You're not gonna want to watch this part!
Yukio: No! Listen to me! Please, no!
[Logan reaches for his heart though his open chest]
Yukio: Stop! Listen to me! Logan!
[just as Logan is about to reach the parasite on his heart, Shingen, scarred and dressed in traditional samurai armor, breaks in through the window]

[Shingen comes towards Logan with his sword raised]
Shingen: Move!
Yukio: Stay away from him.
Shingen: He killed your master. He put his hands on your sister. Now you want him?
[Yukio jumps over Logan to get to Shingen and Shingen accidentally moves the x-ray machine that Logan was using to remove the parasite from his heart]
Logan: I can't see.
Shingen: You'll always be a beggar.
Yukio: You're crazy.
[Shingen attacks Yukio and they start fighting, as they fight Logan manages to extract the parasite from his heart but loses consciousness, Shingen goes to kill Logan]
Yukio: Logan!
[Yukio jumps onto Shingen to stop him and manages to protect Logan]
Yukio: Logan! Logan! Logan!
[Shingen starts attacking Yukio again, then as they fight, Logan starts to heal, Shingen bests Yukio, knocking her down unconscious and as he aims his sword to kill her suddenly Logan's claws block the blow]
Logan: Don't hit my friends.

[Logan gets to his feet and throws Shingen aside]
Logan: Where is Mariko?
Shingen: She's gone. That Viper bitch took her. It was my father's obsession, with mutation, the dark mistake! Like you, and her, that ruined this house.
The Wolverine Quotes[Shingen uses his swords to attack Logan but Logan easily deflects the blows with this claws, they fight and everytime Shingen skewers Logan's body he heals, Logan then decides not to kill Shingen]
Logan: You tried to kill your daughter. Live with that.
[as Logan walks away Shingen runs after him and runs is sword through him, Logan turns and stabs Shingen through the throat]
Shingen: What kind of monster are you?
Logan: The Wolverine.
[Shingen falls and dies, Logan then extracts the sword from his chest and immediately heals]

[back in Yashida's room, Logan helps Yukio to sit up]
Logan: That's it.
Yukio: I was wrong.
Logan: Told you.
[referring to the would on her face]
Logan: Well, let me have a look at you.
[he turns her face]
Logan: It's nothing.
Yukio: Hey, thank you.
[Logan then turns and takes the piece of note they'd found earlier indicating where Mariko was taken]
Yukio: It's a trap, Logan.
[Logan walks off, Yukio rises, grabs the Japanese sword from the floor and as she's about to walk off she notices a piece of paper with the drawing of a strange robotic design of a samurai]

[Harada takes Mariko to the large building on top of the mountain that belongs to Yashida]
Mariko: [subtitled] Why have you brought me here? What are you hiding?
Harada: [subtitled] You will soon find out.
[as Mariko looks around her she sees Viper walking down some steps]
Viper: Welcome, Mariko.
Harada: It's all right, Mariko. She also serves the House of Yashida.
Mariko: She serves herself. She infected Logan.
Viper: Hm.
Mariko: And what about grandfather? What did you infect him with?
Viper: I granted his dying wish. I helped him rest. Now, it's your turn.
[suddenly using her long finger nail, Viper poisons Mariko and she passes out]

[later Mariko wakes and walks out of her room]
Viper: Did you have a nice rest?
[Mariko walks over to Viper]
Mariko: I don't know what you said or did to deceive Harada or my grandfather....
Viper: Mariko, calm down. Your grandfather sought me out.
Mariko: I am the head of this family now.
[Viper presses a button that starts turning the structure they're standing on]
Viper: And why do you suppose that is? Why do you think the old man chose you? Because you're strong? Or because you're weak?
[she presses the button to stop the structure they're standing on from moving and she walks over to the a massive, silver mechanical samurai sitting, Mariko walks towards the robot and notices the head turning towards her]

[Logan arrives at the village Marika has been taken to, he sees the villagers quickly flee into their homes and seconds later Harada walks towards him]
Harada: I see you've come to fight. It's pointless. You're weak. You're outnumbered. The Black Clan has protected the House of Yashida for seven hundred years.
[referring to all the black clad men surrounding them]
Logan: Is that all the men you brought?
[Harada smiles at Logan]
Logan: I'm gonna get her.
The Wolverine QuotesHarada: We are grateful for your protection of Mariko, but there is one more sacrifice you must make for her family.
Logan: Go fuck yourself, pretty boy.
[Harada smiles and then attacks Logan, they fight and Harada pushes Logan aside, he calls to his men to attack Logan, after fighting them off, Logan attacks Harada and slashes his face then watches in surprise as Logan's wound heals, Harada then orders his men to start shooting poison tipped arrows at Logan; from afar, Mariko watches Logan running]
Mariko: Logan.
[as Logan runs his back gets filled with arrows, finally overcome with poison and delirium he passes out]

[Logan awakens inside the facility and finds his hands strapped in metal bracelets away from his body, he looks around and sees black clad men surrounding him and then notices the massive silver mechanical samurai, he then sees Viper walking towards him; to the black clad men]
Viper: Stand back, there's no need.
Logan: Where is she? Where is Mariko? Where is she?
Viper: Where is Mariko? Still pining away. It's so sweet.
[referring to the mechanical samurai]
Viper: Impressive, no? He is made of adamantium, just like you.
[at that moment Yukio arrives at the facility and breaks open the lock on the gates surrounding the building by using her sword]

Viper: Oh, Logan, you know what? I get it, you're frustrated.
Logan: I know she's here. I want to see her!
Viper: You want answers?
Logan: Yes, I want answers!
Viper: I'm sorry, I wish I could say more. But I was hired in part for my discretion.
Logan: Oh, I'm sure you were.
Viper: That, and a certain talent in combining biochemistry and metaphysics. High-grade toxins are my specialty. Of course it helps to be genetically immune to every poison known to man, as I am. And immune to the toxin that is man himself, as I am.
Logan: I'll tell you what, you twisted mutant bitch! Why don't you open these bracelets and we'll see who's made of what!
[he draws his claws and suddenly constraints are clasped onto his hands, preventing him from retracting the claws]
Viper: The claws. Now we can begin.

[in another part of the facility, Harada is holding Marika in a room]
Harada: [subtitled] I know you care for him. You need to let go of that. You are a Yashida.
Mariko: [subtitled] She betrayed my grandfather, and so have you.
Harada: [subtitled] No, Mariko. We grew up together, you need to trust me.
Mariko: [subtitled] Let me go to him! He saved my life!
Harada: [subtitled] Let him go, Marika! This isn't easy for me, but I'm following Grandfather's wishes.
[back to Viper and Logan]
The Wolverine QuotesViper: The suppressant that you found inside of you was mine. You took it out on your own, I didn't see that coming.
back in the room where Harada is holding Mariko
Harada: [subtitled] The Viper woman is evil, we both know that. But she's a means to an end, an end your grandfather wanted.
[back to Viper and Logan]
Viper: You are strong, you have courage. Real courage. But that won't help much now.
[suddenly Logan sees the mechanical adamantium samurai rise and walk towards him; then it's back to Harada and Mariko]
Harada: [subtitled] You need to trust me. Is that hard? We were meant to be together. We still can be.
Mariko: [subtitled] Perhaps.
[Mariko leans in and kisses him, then suddenly takes out his knife and stabs him before running out of the room]

[Logan watches as the mechanical samurai draws a massive sword and places it against Logan's claws, the sword heats up red as it raises it to cut through Logan's claws, but in that moment Mariko runs to Logan's side, distracting the samurai, who slashes open Logan's restraints instead]
Harada: [subtitled] This is madness!
[Logan extends his hand to Mariko]
Logan: Let's go.
[Logan and Mariko start running]
Logan: Go! Run!
[as Viper runs after them, suddenly Harada appears and shoots her with one of his arrows, she falls off the structure; to Mariko]
Logan: Come on.
[Logan and Mariko quickly take off, but Mariko stops as she sees the mechanical samurai above them]
Logan: Mariko, come on!
Mariko: No! Logan, run!
[the mechanical samurai catches up with Logan and Mariko and attacks Logan, as they struggle they fall down the edge of the structure and land on another part of the structure, the mechanical samurai draws it's swords ready to strike]
Logan: Mariko, get out!
[Logan tries to deflect the swords hitting him but the mechanical samurai suddenly uses one of his swords to cut the claw off one of Logan's hands; in the meantime, Viper is still alive and has shed new skin and Yukio has entered inside the facility]

[as Logan and the mechanical samurai are fighting, Logan falls off the edge of the structure again and lands on another floor, he encounters Viper who spits poison in his face, Logan runs off feeling weak, when the mechanical samurai catches up with him and as he's about to strike Logan again Harada stops him by shooting an arrow at it, Logan then finds one of the swords that had fallen on the ground that belonged to the samurai]
Logan: Come on!
[to the mechanical samurai, as Harada tries to reason with it]
Harada: This is not the way.
[suddenly the mechanical samurai stabs Harada in the stomach; at the same time Logan remembers what Yashida had told him all those years ago about how to hold the sword]
Logan: Two hands.
[Logan places both hands on the sword and it immediately heats up red hot, to the mechanical samurai]
Harada: Master!
[the mechanical samurai throws Harada aside]
Logan: Hey, Bub!
[as the mechanical samurai turns Logan suddenly uses the sword to slash its head off, then Logan lunges onto the samurai and they fall off the edge and as they fall the samurai breaks open the side of the facility and Logan falls through the hole but manages to hold on to the side]

[Mariko finds Harada lying on the floor and gravely wounded]
Mariko: Harada.
[she touches his hand]
Mariko: [subtitled] I'm sorry.
[Harada breaths his last breath, closes his eyes and dies; at the same time Logan starts climbing back into the facility, but as he reaches the top suddenly the mechanical samurai appears and cuts Logan's other hand's claws clean off, as Logan is about to fall the samurai grabs hold of Logan's hand; then we see Yukio and Viper fighting]
Viper: Now you die.
Yukio: That is not likely.
[as Viper is about to attack her, Yukio manages to get the upper-hand and kill Viper; back to Logan and the mechanical samurai, as the samurai holds onto Logan's wrists, suddenly small drills come popping out of the suit's forearms and drill into Logan's cut off claws, it then pulls Logan up and Logan sees that within the samurai is Yashida]
Yashida: Logan-san. Don't look so shocked. With you at my side, I survived Nagasaki. Surely I could survive this. It's alright, it won't take long. Dr. Green and I have been waiting. It's only this armor that's kept me alive. We built it to make me strong, so I can take what you will not give up, and transfer your unwanted healing to my body.
[Yashida pulls Logan inside the facility as he continues to drill into Logan's amputated claws]
Yashida: My legacy must be preserved. Your mistake was to believe that a life without end can have no meaning. It is only life that can. Hold on, we're almost there. The peace...the peace you've wanted. You're reward. You will now feel the pain of death you longed for.
[as the drilling continues, Logan starts to age and Yashida starts to become younger]

[Marika watches from the shadows as Yashida continues to drain the life out of Logan, she starts walking towards them holding Logan's severed claws in her hand]
Young Yashida: This feeling, to be you!
[suddenly one of Logan's severed claws comes flying through the air and lands in Yashida's skull, Logan is freed from the suit's drills]
Mariko: [subtitled] You're a monster.
[Mariko continues to walk closer her grandfather, at the same time Yukio finds them]
Young Yashida: Mariko, It's me, your grandfather.
Mariko: I buried my grandfather.
[she stabs him in the neck with one of Logan's severed claws, as Yashida stumbles around in pain; as life returns to Logan he rises, rips off the front part of Yashida's suit, then looks at his hands, he grows back his bone claws and uses them to stab Yashida, we see Yashida grow old again]
Logan: You asked me to come to say goodbye.
[Logan pulls Yashida close to the edge of hole in the wall of the facility]
Logan: Sayonara.
[Logan pushes Yashida out of the facility, as we see him plummet in his suit, it crashes on the rocks below]

[after killing Yashida, Logan turns to Mariko, with Yukio standing beside her]
Logan: You alright?
[Mariko nods with tears in her eyes, suddenly Logan collapses, Mariko runs to his side]
Mariko: Logan.
[Yukio joins Mariko and as Logan looks at them he starts hallucinating and hears Jean]
Jean Grey: Logan.
[he sees Jean lying in bed watching him]
Jean Grey: You're here.
Logan: Of course.
Jean Grey: Can you stay?
Logan: I can't.
Jean Grey: Yes, you can. It's what you wanted.
Logan: Not anymore.
Jean Grey: I'm all alone here. You left me here.
Logan: You were hurting people, Jean. I had to.
[he watches as Jean rises from the bed]
Logan: I love you, Jean. I always will.
[as she starts walking off, she turns to give him one last look before disappearing into the light]

[last lines; Logan is on the airport runway, he walks towards Mariko and Yukio who are hugging each other as they say goodbye]
Mariko: [subtitled] You are my only family.
Yukio: [subtitled] Be well, sister.
[Yukio walks away as Logan walks up to Mariko]
Mariko: Am I wrong to think you might visit me soon?
[Logan kisses her]
Mariko: Stay.
Logan: I can't, princess. I'm a soldier, and I've been hiding too long.
[he pulls out of her arms, turns and walks towards the plane, as he boards the plane he passes Yukio who gives Mariko one last look; inside the plane Logan sees the TV showing the news of Mariko inheriting Yashida's corporation]
TV New Reporter: ....on to the generation passing of the torch of the Yashida family as Mariko Yashida takes the helm from her grandfather, who built this tech giant.
[as Logan takes his seat, he looks through the window and sees Mariko standing in the runway]
Yukio: So, have you decided?
Logan: What?
Yukio: Mariko said we can go where ever we want. Just say where.
[Yukio takes the seat opposite the aisle to Logan]
Logan: What are you doing?
Yukio: I'm your bodyguard.
[Logan looks out the window again]
Yukio: So, where do you wanna go?
Logan: Let's start with up.
Yukio: And then?
[he looks at her for a moment]
Logan: We'll see.
[Yukio smiles]
Yukio: Interesting.

[mid-credit scene; we see Logan walking through an airport, he sees the overhead TV showing commercial for Trask Industries, then as he reaches the metal detector he says to the security guard]
Logan: I'll take the pat down.
[the security guard turns to his colleagues]
Pat Down Guy: Opt out.
[suddenly Logan sees the coins, watches, and pens in one of the X-ray machine tray begin to shake and float, he feels someone behind him]
Pat Down Guy: You can go ahead, sir.
Magneto: I'll wait.
[Logan suddenly raises his claws, spins around and goes to attack Magneto, but he stops as Magneto holds up his hand to stop his strike]
Logan: What do you want?
The Wolverine QuotesMagneto: There are dark forces, Wolverine. Evil forces, building a weapon that could bring about the end of our kind. What I want...I want your help.
Logan: Why would I trust you?
Magneto: You wouldn't.
[suddenly everybody in the airport freezes, Logan turns and sees Charles Xavier weaving his wheelchair through the frozen bodies as he comes towards him]
Charles Xavier: Hello, Logan.
[Logan looks shocked at seeing Xavier alive]
Logan: How is this possible?
Charles Xavier: As I told you a long time ago, you're not the only with gifts.
[Xavier looks behind Logan at Magneto, Logan turns and sees Magneto taking step closer to him, Logan then looks at both men]

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