Starring: Gemma Arterton, Sam Claflin, Bill Nighy, Jack Huston, Jake Lacy, Richard E. Grant, Henry Goodman, Helen McCrory, Claudia Jessie

Romantic comedy directed by Lone Scherfig set 1940’s in London, during the Blitz, with the country’s morale at stake, Catrin (Gemma Arterton), an untried screenwriter, and a makeshift cast and crew, work under fire to make a film to lift the nation’s flagging spirits; and inspire America to join the war. Partnered with fellow writer, Buckley (Sam Claflin), the pair, along with fading matinee idol Ambrose Hilliard (Bill Nighy), reluctantly joins forces on a movie to warm the hearts of the nation and capture the imagination of the US public.


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Roger Swain: [to Catrin] Welcome to the Ministry of Information Film Division. Mr. Buckley seems to think you’re what we need.


Catrin Cole: Doing what?
Tom Buckley: We’ll need someone to write the slop.
Catrin Cole: Slop?
Tom Buckley: Women’s dialogue.


Catrin Cole: I thought it was a secretarial post.
Phyl Moore: Oh, for God’s sake keep that to yourself.


Secretary of War: [to Catrin] Thirty million attend the cinema every week. Your film must show your American sisters that this is a war their husbands should be fighting. We must give them a character with whom they can identify.


Tom Buckley: [to Catrin] So what do you think? No screen credit.


Roger Swain: [to Catrin] And obviously we can’t pay you as much as the chaps.


[referring to the role he’s supposed to play]
Ambrose Hilliard: Uncle Frank. Sixties, looks older.
Sammy Smith: Well we all have our part to play at defeating Hitler.
Ambrose Hilliard: Not this part. It’s a corpse role; he’s dead before the end of act three.


[Catrin interrupts Hilliard as he’s talking to someone to get him to look at her script]
Catrin Cole: Excuse me.
Ambrose Hilliard: Hello.
Catrin Cole: Hello
Ambrose Hilliard: Oh, certainly.
[he signs his autograph on her script]
Catrin Cole: No, I wrote it.


Phyl Moore: A lot of men are scared we won’t go back into our boxes when this is over.


Tom Buckley: [to Catrin] Your work’s good, very good.


Ambrose Hilliard: [to Catrin] Between us, we’ll have them weeping in the aisles.


Catrin Cole: I’m sorry, I can’t do this anymore.


Ambrose Hilliard: [to Catrin] You and me given opportunities only because young men are gone. But to turn our back on those opportunities, wouldn’t that be giving death dominion over life?


Catrin Cole: Girls like us, we serve all those people who gave their sons to one war and now their grandsons to another.


Catrin Cole: [to Tom] If all of this stopped, even if I were dead, I’d miss it, and I’d miss you.


Ambrose Hilliard: [to Catrin] Have you seen it, our film? I’m awfully good. So are you.


Ambrose Hilliard: Mrs. Cole, uh, where is she?
The Director: Cut! Could someone please get Mr. Hilliard out of Dunkirk.


Their Finest is set to open in the US April 7, 2017 and UK April 21, 2017.



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