By Vinjovee (Arizona)


Worst movie ever, first I’m 58 years old and certainly watch a wide variety of movies. Before picking which movie to go watch, like a lot of people I went to the theater site and started watching different trailers in hopes of finding the perfect show. The highlights and two and a half minute trailer sold me, it was great, I honestly thought this movie looks really good, I was absolutely sure it was going to be a winner, I couldn’t have been more wrong. Little did I know after paying my $8.00 ticket fee and another $13.89 for my refreshments with the popcorn and soft drink package which is a rip off too, I wanted to walk out after the first 20 to 30 minutes of the movie. I swear the very best part of the movie was the cuts and clips that they but in and arranged in their trailer that they showed.

From the very beginning it starts out with a couple of what appears to be high school aged kids skyping or video conferencing and being a little provocative, with a little skin and some panties. There texting back and forth as well, so now you’re stuck having to read on screen text messages at the theater. This feels like it last for five minutes and I turn to my wife and say this better not go on for the entire movie or I’m leaving. Well guess what it got worse, now all of the sudden their four or five close friends call in on this like video phone conferencing where you can all see and talk to one another, and just when you think it’s as bad as it can get there is all of this clicking on links opening up new windows, talking and texting to different friends while video calling with the same group, cutting, copying, and of course pasting links to other links and your trying to read the text and figure who’s sending them to whom.

It was crazy, I actually saw six people a little bit older get up and walk out of the theater. It never does get any better, I spent more time reading the different text messages a couple of them were sending to try and follow the story line but the reality of it was just a bunch of junk and a mindless waste of time that the young people today are so engaged in. Lots of swearing and profanity which I’m actually ok with, this was just a bunch of gossiping and name calling, young people being nasty to one another with no sense of decency or character. The entire stinking movie is you sitting in the theater in your seat starring at the movie screen which really looks like a giant computer monitor. Then the mindless killing start which is symbolic of some sort of revenge for posting something on, you got it Facebook.

I went to this movie hoping to see a great horror movie, but I also thought there would be some sort of plot or story and I get that there is a message here that carries some merit. Social media and the potential pitfalls, but I’ll bet young impressionable minds will react the complete opposite and this will create more problems than it will solve. I’m not sure why I stayed for the whole movie, I didn’t think they’d give me a refund or maybe I wanted to see if it would get better, but no such luck. A huge disappointment for me and I’d recommend you save your money for anything other than this and I think this is a stretch to call this entertainment… this was just really, really bad.

You never see an outside scene, or a car, or buildings, the actors are all no names and I have no idea what the budget was to make this movie, but I’d be surprised if it’s a big success. They should have released this flick in the summer when the kids are out of school because I truly think that’s their audience…


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