By Reno Rangan


There comes a time for everything in life.

By seeing the poster you will get a close idea of what this film is about. Still the movie delivers with a decent storyline. The title is a metaphor of what the movie is illustrating. There’s nothing to inspire from it, it’s just based on the facts that was rendered very realistically, like how overweight people are seen by their co-workers and how they are treated in society for being different in character.

This is a very good movie about a 43 year old man named Fúsi, who still lives with his mother. As by himself life is wonderful for having a decent job and a faithful friend, but reminding himself for living in the world where people have a different thought for a guy like him is what he has to worry about. That bars him from socializing and makes him a weird person; however, it looks as though he does not care much about it or those who bully him. A guy with a good heart, but not spotted by others.

There comes a time for everything. Two girls enter his life. A little neighbor girl Hera, who instantly become his playmate and Sjöfn, a woman of his own age with mental issues. This is the exciting part of the movie, like there’s always someone waiting for everyone in the world to unite with. He has to choose between being a childlike Hera or to grow up and move on in life with Sjöfn. After an incident he learns what’s the best, but faces complications. That’s where the remaining film turns its focus, but how the tale ends is not what something we would want to see.

“You are becoming a real chef. I guess she does not cook much.”

These days the filmmakers try as much as they can to avoid clichés, especially in the conclusion section. That’s what I disliked in this, but still appreciate the original ending. Humanity has seen and is still facing racism, issues related to gender equality, religious and LGBT discrimination, and many more. Along with all this, what this movie narrated is a very common matter to worry about from every culture and society. Like I said, it is not trying to educate us, but you can’t ignore the seriousness of the film’s content.

The scenes are often filled with light humor. A little love story and a little play story, but overall about life and its difficulties. This film is a glimpse of what it would be like being different from others either by characteristically and/or by appearance. The film’s characters show their emotions, but it’s sentimentally not appealing as it should have been. Usually that is what we all expect in a theme like this. I think for a narration like this that would have been so depressing. So it is not a tearjerker movie after all.

It was like The 40 Year Old Virgin meets Terri. A sensitive matter, a big concept in a small movie. A well written screenplay and beautifully performed, especially by the lead guy. Any professional actors could have played the role easily, but not as perfect as him. I don’t remember seeing any Icelandic movies in a long time, but I’m very pleased with this one. I would surely suggest it, but you should remember it is not a genuinely entertaining or a sincerely motivating film, but lies between them, that is kind of both I say.

Rating: 8/10



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