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World War Z quotes are a mix bag and a bit of a missed opportunity in the sense that it had perfect source material to work with from the book which was in the most part ignored. That's not to say it was a failure, it just could have been so much more. Brief synopsis of the movie; the story revolves around ex UN agent Gerry Lane, who's retired to spend more time with his family, but he's called back into the field when there's an outbreak of a deadly Zombie pandemic that is threatening to destroy humanity. Gerry is offered protection for his family in exchange for his field expertise to travels across the world searching for information that can stop the outbreak. Where the movie succeeds is in blending of the action scenes with investigative scenes that explore the history of the virus, and the zombie outbreak scenes, which have been set out beautifully even though they are very coy about showing blood or gore. Where it fails is that it lacks definition and emotion so you never get drawn into it narratively. While there's nothing terrible about this movie it's just nothing to get excited about, it's just a sufficient action flick that lacks bite or any real genuine sense of danger. It would have been interesting to see what this movie could have been like if they had included the more political aspect of the novel, but as it stands World War Z is a passable zombie action movie presented on a massive global stage.

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Directed by: Marc Forster
Written by:
Matthew Michael Carnahan (screen story & screenplay)
Drew Goddard (screenplay)
Damon Lindelof (screenplay)
J. Michael Straczynski (screen story)
Max Brooks (based on the novel)
Brad Pitt - Gerry Lane
Mireille Enos - Karin Lane
Daniella Kertesz - Segen
James Badge Dale - Captain Speke
Ludi Boeken - Jurgen Warmbrunn
Matthew Fox - Parajumper
Fana Mokoena - Thierry Umutoni
David Morse - Gunter Haffner
Sterling Jerins - Constance Lane
Abigail Hargrove - Rachel Lane
Fabrizio Zacharee Guido - Tomas
Elyes Gabel - Andrew Fassbach
Michiel Huisman - Ellis

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[first lines; in Philadelphia, a sleeping couple, Gerry and Karin are awakened by their kids jumping onto their bed]
Constance Lane: Wake up!
Karin Lane: Creatures in our bed!
Rachel Lane: No, it's not!
Karin Lane: Oh, you're getting very big. What do you wanna eat?
Constance and Rachel: Pancake!
[the girls laugh]

[later in the kitchen, Gerry prepares the girls their pancakes as the news is on the TV in the background]
Gerry Lane: Hey, by the way, what do you want for your Birthday?
[Rachel whispers to Constance]
Rachel Lane: Say puppy.
Constance Lane: A puppy.
Gerry Lane: You mean a stuffed animal puppy? Cause that we can do.
[Gerry places a plate of pancakes on the table]
Gerry Lane: It's cool. Let's eat.
[Karin walks into the kitchen and puts her arms around the girls]
Karin Lane: Good morning.
[she kisses the girls]
Rachel Lane: She gets the bigger one?
Constance Lane: Yeah, I'm sorry.
[to Rachel]
Karin Lane: Did you pack your um...inhaler?
[Rachel shakes her head]
Karin Lane: Bathroom sink.
Rachel Lane: In a minute?
Karin Lane: Scooch.
Rachel Lane: Okay.
[Rachel leaves the kitchen]

[as Gerry listen to the morning news we hear snippets of the coming events; Taiwan treating an outbreak of rabies and a Third-World nation under Martial Law]
Constance Lane: Daddy, what's Martial Law?
Gerry Lane: Uh...
[Gerry laughs]
Gerry Lane: Martial Law is like rules, but for everybody.
Constance Lane: Were you ever in places like that with your old job?
Gerry Lane: Mm-hmm. But I quit my old job so I could be with you.
Constance Lane: Do you miss it?
[Karin and Gerry look at each other for a moment and smile]
Gerry Lane: No, I like my new job.
Constance Lane: All you do is make pancakes in the morning.
Gerry Lane: Yeah, but I'm really good at it.
[Rachel comes back into the kitchen carrying a stuffed toy rabbit]
Rachel Lane: Look who I found?
Karin Lane: Woh.
Rachel Lane: Here comes the number twelve train!
[Constance takes the stuffed rabbit from Rachel and hugs it]
Gerry Lane: It's not Subway Sam, is it?
Karin Lane: You want more pancakes?
Rachel Lane: No.
Karin Lane: Okay. Go, go, go.
[the girls leave the table]
Karin Lane: Come on, scooch. Movin' on out.
[the girls and Karin leave the kitchen]
Gerry Lane: Hey, plates in the sink!
Rachel Lane: Do not forget that!

[as they get stuck in downtown Philadelphia traffic with Gerry driving, Karin and the girls are playing a game]
Karin Lane: Uh...does it live in the jungle?
[Constance whispers something to Rachel]
Rachel Lane: Oh, no.
Gerry Lane: Do you eat it on Sundays?
Rachel Lane: No.
Gerry Lane: Does it live on the Great Plains of Africa?
Constance Lane: Yeah!
Rachel Lane: Oh, well, I guess yeah.
Gerry Lane: Do people keep it in pens, or harvest it for meat?
[they all laugh]
Constance Lane: Dad!
Karin Lane: Is it an animal you'd have for a pet?
Rachel Lane: Yes.
Gerry Lane: Is it a cat?
Rachel Lane: Yes!
[Karin smiles at Gerry]
Rachel Lane: Okay, now we have another one.
[to Gerry]
Karin Lane: You totally got one!

[as they continue to sit in traffic, Karin notices a helicopter flying overhead]
Karin Lane: Why are there so many, it's like three in the last five minutes.
[then they notice a commotion ahead of them]
Gerry Lane: What is going on?
[Gerry puts on the radio]
Voice of News Reader: World Health Organization has been tracking the recent outbreak of rabies that began in Taiwan and has now been reported in over twelve countries. Responding to allegations he hasn't done to prevent the spread...
[to Gerry]
Karin Lane: Can we try BBC?
Gerry Lane: You're not British anymore, darling.
[Karin smiles]
Gerry Lane: You lost your accent a long time ago, except after two bottles of wine.
Rachel Lane: Am I British?
Karin Lane: Yeah, your Grandma is.
[at that moment a police on motorcycle rides past them which clips the car's side mirror off]
Karin Lane: Hey!
Gerry Lane: Woh!
Rachel Lane: He's just gonna keep going, daddy?
Gerry Lane: Hold on, guys.
[Gerry starts getting out of the car]
Rachel Lane: Daddy, be careful on the road.
Gerry Lane: It's okay, baby.

[as Gerry gets out of the car he notices more police motorcycles passing by through the traffic, as Gerry picks up the side mirror off the road, another driver gets out of his car and calls out to Gerry]
Driver: Hey, yoh! You alright?
Gerry Lane: Yeah, I'm okay. Thanks.
Driver: Did you see anything?
Gerry Lane: No. Do you know what's going on?
Driver: No, man. I don't know anything.
Gerry Lane: It's crazy.
[as Gerry goes to get back in the car he sees an explosion in the distance ahead]
Karin Lane: Gerry?
World War Z Quotes[suddenly the people on the sidewalk start running and more police motorcycles drive past]
Motorcycle Cop: Get back in your car, right now!
[Gerry gets back in the car and shuts the door, the cop starts yelling]
Motorcycle Cop: Remain with your vehicle...!
[suddenly a truck storms up from behind and hits the cop on the bike, Gerry, Karin and the girls are visibly shaken, then they see the truck just driving through past all the cars, Gerry starts the car]
Karin Lane: What are you doing?
Gerry Lane: That's our way out of here.
[Gerry follows behind the truck, which is clearing a path as it plows through the traffic]
Constance Lane: I want my blanket!
Karin Lane: Honey, it's packed right now. Just hold onto Subway Sam, okay?
[suddenly the truck ahead crashes and overturns]
Constance Lane: My blanket!

[Gerry continues to swerve through the traffic, Rachel starts getting out of the backseat]
Gerry Lane: Rach!
Karin Lane: Rachel, baby, you gotta get back in your seat.
[Rachel crouches down in the corner below her seat]
Karin Lane: Baby, we need you in your seat!
Gerry Lane: Get your belt on!
Karin Lane: Rachel, right now!
[Rachel doesn't move]
Karin Lane: Gerry!
Gerry Lane: Rach, get your belt back on!
[suddenly their car gets hit and they come to a stop]
Karin Lane: Are you okay?
[Gerry turns to the girls]
Gerry Lane: You okay?
Karin Lane: Rachel, are you hurt?
Gerry Lane: Rachel, are you hurt?
Karin Lane: Honey?
[to Constance]
Gerry Lane: You okay? It's okay.
[Gerry notices everybody running around in panic]
Gerry Lane: Everybody out of the car!

[as they get out of they car they see everyone around them in a panic and running around]
Gerry Lane: We gotta get out of the city!
[Karin tries to open the passenger door to get the girls out]
Karin Lane: The door won't open! Rachel, go out that side.
[Gerry grabs hold of Constance]
Gerry Lane: Okay, get up and climb over, honey.
[Gerry gets Constance out of the car and looks around him at the panicked mess, he goes to grab Rachel]
Gerry Lane: Come on, honey! Come on!
[to Constance]
World War Z QuotesKarin Lane: Sweetheart, are you okay?
[we see zombies chasing and lunging after people with frightening speed]
Gerry Lane: We gotta get off the street.
[they see zombies hurl themselves onto cars and bang their heads against the car windows to get to the passengers inside]
Karin Lane: What is that, Gerry? What is that?
Gerry Lane: I don't know!
[as they are running, Gerry notices an RV ahead of them]
Gerry Lane: Get to the RV!
[Constance drops her stuffed toy as Karin carries her]
Constance Lane: Subway Sam!
[her stuffed toy, Subway Sam, plays its automated voice, Gerry picks up the toy]
Subway Sam's Voice: Here comes the number twelve train! One...two...
[as they run toward the RV Gerry sees a man on the road getting bitten by a zombie]
Woman in Street: What's happening?
Subway Sam's Voice:
[as Subway Sam is counting down, Gerry watches the man that was bitten by the zombie writhe on the ground as he goes through the process of turning into a zombie]
Subway Sam's Voice: Eight...nine...ten...eleven...twelve.
[Gerry looks back at the man that was bitten and sees him now fully turned into a zombie]
Subway Sam's Voice: Train's in the station!
[the man turned zombie starts attacking people in the street]

[Gerry, Karin and the girls reach the RV, as Gerry starts the RV one of the zombies jumps in through the window and attacks them, but Karin manages to kick it out of the RV, Gerry manages to drive them out of the city as Karin tries to treat Rachel's asthma]
Karin Lane: Try to relax. In and out. Come on, baby. Try to relax.
[looking at Gerry as he drives]
Karin Lane: Gerry, we left my purse in the car.
Gerry Lane: Where's the spare?
[to Rachel as she struggles to breath]
Karin Lane: I'm gonna look at your back pack, alright?
[Karin rises and moves over toward Gerry as he drives]
Karin Lane: Do you wanna be with her?
[Gerry pulls the RV over and stops, he goes over to Karin and Rachel]
Gerry Lane: Rach, you're gonna be alright. Hey, you breathe through your nose. Rach? Rach? Look at me, look at me.
[Rachel looks at Gerry as she struggles to breathe]
Gerry Lane: You're gonna be alright. We've done this a hundred times. Look at me, look at me. Breathe with your nose, out through your mouth.
[Karin finishes looking at Rachel's back pack, looks over at Gerry and shakes her head]
Gerry Lane: Okay, we're gonna go to a pharmacy. We've gotta move.
[Karin goes to sit behind the driver's seat]
Karin Lane: Okay.
[she tries to start the RV; to Rachel]
Gerry Lane: Look, at me. Look at me, Rach, breath through your nose.

[as Karin struggles to start the RV]
Constance Lane: Daddy, what are those things?
Gerry Lane: Will you find me some water, okay? Something to drink.
[Constance rises to look for water in the RV, at the same time Gerry's cell phone rings, Karin looks at the phone]
Karin Lane: It's Thierry.
[Gerry takes the phone from Karin and answers it]
Gerry Lane: Where are you?
Thierry Umutoni: Airborne, lower east side, Turtle Bay.
[we see Thierry in a helicopter flying over New York]
Thierry Umutoni: It's all gone. We barely made it out.
[turning to the person sat next to him]
Thierry Umutoni: Tell him to go south.
[back in the RV, Karin is still struggling to start the RV]
Karin Lane: Come on, come on, come on, come on.
[to Thierry]
Gerry Lane: What is this?
Thierry Umutoni: We don't know. How close were you?
Gerry Lane: Face to face.
[Constance returns carrying a rifle]
Constance Lane: Daddy.
Gerry Lane: Honey, give me that. Give me that. Thank you, honey.
[Gerry takes the rifle from Constance]

Thierry Umutoni: Where are you?
Gerry Lane: 95, heading north.
[Karin finally manages to start the RV's engine]
Karin Lane: Okay. Okay.
Thierry Umutoni: Alright, we'll try to get a helicopter to you. I'll call you back with an extraction point. Can you hold on for another hour?
Gerry Lane: Do we have a choice?
Thierry Umutoni: This is not for old time's sake, my friend. I need you. I need you back.
Gerry Lane: Don't forget about us.
[turning to the man sat next to him in the helicopter]
Thierry Umutoni: What do you mean we've lost Boston?
[to Gerry]
Thierry Umutoni: Alright. Good luck, Gerry.
[he ends the call]
Gerry Lane: Okay.
[to Rachel as she's managing to control her breathing]
Gerry Lane: Good, honey. It's gonna be alright.

[in Newark, New Jersey Gerry and his family arrive at a convenient store, they get out the RV and Gerry takes the rifle]
Karin Lane: Come here, stay close.
[Karin carries Constance]
Gerry Lane: Keep them close.
[they run into the store to find it being ransacked by looters]
Karin Lane: Get the medicine. I'll get us something to eat, I'll meet you back here.
[Gerry and Rachel go off to look for medicine as Karin and Constance look for food; to Rachel]
Gerry Lane: Stay close to me.
[Gerry manages to find the pharmacy, as he goes through the cabinets he's stopped a gunpoint by the pharmacist]
Pharmacy Helper: What do you need?
[Gerry stands in front of Rachel]
Gerry Lane: Albuterol.
[the pharmacist lowers his gun, goes to the pharmacy cabinet and takes out the medication, he holds it out to Gerry]
Pharmacy Helper: They'll outgrow the asthma, supposedly.
[Gerry takes the medication, the pharmacists picks up something else]
Pharmacy Helper: And this shit, too. It's magic for my kid.
[Gerry takes the medicine]
Gerry Lane: Thank you.

[after taking the medicine for Rachel, Gerry hears Constance screaming]
Constance Lane: Daddy!
[Gerry takes Rachel's hand and they start running toward Karin and Constance]
Gerry Lane: Connie?
Constance Lane: Daddy!
Gerry Lane: Connie?
Constance Lane: Daddy!
[Gerry finds Constance sat in a shopping cart crying]
Gerry Lane: Where's mommy?
Karin Lane: Gerry!
Gerry Lane: Karin! Karin!
[Gerry takes the shopping cart and starts running toward Karin's voice, he finds her being mugged by two men for the food she was taking]
Karin Lane: Get off of me! That's all I have! Gerry!
Gerry Lane: Hey! Hey!
Karin Lane: Gerry!
[one of the men shoots at Gerry with his gun, but misses, Gerry then shoots his rifle and manages to hit the man, Karin then runs to Gerry and embraces him, Gerry then sees a police officer run toward him, he raises his hands, but the officer runs past him to get to the food]

[when they run out of the store, they find their RV missing]
Gerry Lane: No! No!
[turning to Karin and the girls]
Gerry Lane: We gotta get out of here. We gotta get off the street.
Karin Lane: Gerry?
[she points to the buildings ahead]
Karin Lane: Apartments.
Gerry Lane: Yeah. Good, go.
[as they start running toward the apartments, Gerry calls Thierry]
Thierry Umutoni: Gerry?
Gerry Lane: We're in Newark. We're stranded. Apartment buildings, 23rd. If we can get to the roof, can you get someone to us?
Thierry Umutoni: Not tonight.
Gerry Lane: When?
Thierry Umutoni: The earliest will be sunrise.
[turning to Karin]
Gerry Lane: Sunrise.
Karin Lane: Tell him I got flares.
Gerry Lane: We'll be on the roof, with flares.
Thierry Umutoni: Listen, Gerry, I will move mountains to get you out here.

[as they run to the building, they hear an explosion nearby and then zombies running past an alcoholic homeless person huddled in street, they get inside the building]
Karin Lane: Get inside, girls. Light the stairs!
[Gerry shuts and locks the building door as the zombies are running towards the building]
Gerry Lane: Run!
[they all start running up the stairs, Karin lights a flare and Gerry tries to open one of the locked doors, Karin looks around her]
Karin Lane: Where's Connie? Connie?
Gerry Lane: Connie!
Karin Lane: Connie!
[they hear Constance shouting and run towards her voice]
Constance Lane: Let me in!
Karin Lane: Connie!
[they find Constance standing outside an apartment, yelling]
Constance Lane: Let me in!
Karin Lane: Connie!
[Karin grabs hold of Constance and at that moment the apartment door is opened where a family is standing inside]
Gerry Lane: In, in, in! Get in!
[Gerry, Karin, Rachel and Constance get inside the apartment and Gerry shuts the door]

[the family in the apartment are Mexican and only speak Spanish, Gerry helps the man in the apartment secure the apartment door and his wife helps Karin and the girls inside]
Karin Lane: Thank you so much.
[after they secure the apartment door, Gerry turns to the man]
Gerry Lane: Muchas Gracias.
[Gerry turns and sees their son]
World War Z QuotesTomas: I'm Thomas.
Gerry Lane: Hey, Thomas.
[to Constance]
Karin Lane: Are you okay? Baby, are you okay?
[Tomas' mother says something in Spanish to Tomas and Tomas translates for her]
Tomas: Are you guys hungry?
Karin Lane: Yes, thank you.
[Gerry sees a radio and turns it on trying to find a station with reception]
Tomas' Father: Señora?
[he gives Karin a bottle of beer]
Karin Lane: Thank you.
[he then offers Gerry a bottle of beer]
Tomas' Father: Señor?
[Gerry takes the drink]

[they listen to the emergency broadcast on the radio]
Emergency Radio Broadcast: The following message is transmitted at the request of the New Jersey State Police Department. Authorities recommend that the following actions should be taken by all members of the public. Stay indoors if at all possible. Have a draft food and water supply for sheltering for 1 to 2 weeks. The following message is transmitted at the request of the New Jersey State Police Department...
[the next scene shows Gerry having a nightmare about the zombies and waking up the next morning, he looks around and is missing, he searches the apartment and finds Rachel asleep with Tomas in a closet, Tomas wakes and sees Gerry]
Tomas: She was crying.
Gerry Lane: Thanks, Tommy.

[Gerry tries to speak with Tomas' parents and Tomas translates for them]
Gerry Lane: I used to work in dangerous places and people who moved survived and those who didn't...
[Gerry speaks in Spanish]
Gerry Lane: [subtitled] Movement is life. Movement is life.
[speaking in English again]
Gerry Lane: You'll have a better chance if you come with us.
[Tomas translates this to his father, Tomas' father replies in Spanish and Tomas translates in English]
Tomas: You need anything else before you leave?
[a moment later we see Gerry duct-taping a knife to his rifle to make a bayonet and he wraps his arms with magazines, then Gerry and his family leave the apartment, quietly running down the dark corridors with Karin using a flare for light; back inside the apartment Tomas' parents lock up their door]
Tomas' Mother: [subtitled] We should have left with them.
Tomas' Father: [subtitled] There is nowhere to go.
Tomas' Mother: [subtitled] What's going to happen when the food is gone?
[suddenly there's a heavy pounding at the door]

[as Gerry and his family are make their way to the rooftop]
Gerry Lane: Okay. Come on, come on.
Constance Lane: I'm scared.
Gerry Lane: Connie, there's a helicopter waiting for us on the roof. Keep your eyes on mommy and daddy, okay?
[Connie nods her head]
Gerry Lane: Be ninja quiet, just a walk in the park.
Karin Lane: How do we know they're coming?
Gerry Lane: They're coming. Ready?
[Karin nods her head, Gerry then opens the door leading to the roof, he checks around him]
Gerry Lane: Okay. Come on, Connie...
[suddenly they are attacked by zombies, they make a run for on the stairs leading to the roof]
Gerry Lane: Go!
[meanwhile, the helicopter that Thierry sent for them has arrived and are flying toward the building, but they don't see Gerry and his family on the rooftop]
Helicopter Pilot: Lieutenant, we've got no contact. Say again, no contact.
[back in the building, Gerry and his family are still trying to get away from the zombies chasing them]
Gerry Lane: Karin! Karin!
[Gerry throws Karin his backpack and turns to attack the zombie with his rifle]
Karin Lane: Gerry?
[Karin and the girls leave through the door leading to the roof as Gerry continues to fight off the zombie]

[Gerry manages to shoot the zombie and gets blood on his face, at that moment Tomas runs up the stairs and sees Gerry; on the roof, Karin lights a flare and the soldier in the helicopter sees it]
Parajumper: That's our target, get us down!
Constance Lane: Daddy! Daddy!
Karin Lane: Get back.
Constance Lane: Daddy!
[at that moment Gerry and Tomas join them on the roof]
Karin Lane: Gerry! Gerry, what?
Gerry Lane: Stay back!
[Gerry runs to the edge of the roof]
Karin Lane: Gerry! No, no!
[Gerry stands on the ledge counting down 12 seconds, intending to jump if he becomes infected]
Gerry Lane: 1007... 1008...1009...1010...1011...
[as he realizes he hasn't been infected he steps off the ledge and turns to face Karin and the girls]
Gerry Lane: I got it in my mouth.
Karin Lane: You're okay. You're okay.
[they hear the helicopter coming down]
Gerry Lane: Go, go!
[as Karin, the girls and Tomas run towards the helicopter, Gerry tries to close the rooftop door to stop the zombies coming through; the soldier on the helicopter jumps down on the roof]
Parajumper: Let's go! let's go! Come on, let's go! We gotta go! Let's go, let's go, let's go!
[he helps Karin, Tomas and the girls onto the helicopter, Gerry then releases the door and runs towards the helicopter, the zombies as they run after them, one of which is Tomas' father, the soldier shoots and kills him, Gerry then gets safely into the helicopter]
Parajumper: Let's go, let's go, let's go!
[as the helicopter takes off, one of the zombie's jumps onto the helicopter, but the soldier kicks it off]

[U.N. Command Ship, USS Argus, Atlantic Ocean 200 miles east of New York - the helicopter flies in for landing]
Helicopter Pilot: Cleared to land, heading 0-4-0. Wind 0-6-0 at 5...
[as Gerry and his family get off the helicopter, Thierry meets them]
Thierry Umutoni: Gerry.
[Gerry and Thierry embrace each other]
Gerry Lane: Good to see you, my friend.
[inside the ship, Thierry leads Gerry, Karin, the girls and Tomas walk toward some bunk beds]
Thierry Umutoni: Karin, to the right.
[to Rachel]
Karin Lane: This is good, right?
Gerry Lane: Bunk beds.
Thierry Umutoni: Your bunk beds are number 2, 3, and 6. Please make yourself at home.
[to Rachel]
Karin Lane: Get up here.
[Rachel gets into her bunk bed]
Gerry Lane: Get in, sweetheart.
Karin Lane: That's it.

[as Karin gets the kids into the bunk beds]
Thierry Umutoni: We're not dropping in through yet. You're safe.
Gerry Lane: It's not me I'm worried about.
Thierry Umutoni: They're safe.
Karin Lane: Baby...
[Gerry turns to Karin]
Karin Lane: This is bigger than our old apartment in 72nd.
[Gerry smiles]
Thierry Umutoni: Need anything, Karin?
Karin Lane: Water?
Thierry Umutoni: I'll go and ask.
Gerry Lane: Is this with wine? Someone doing better than we are.
Karin Lane: Baby, go talk somewhere else.
Gerry Lane: Okay.
[Gerry and Thierry leave Karin and the kids]

[Thierry takes Gerry to a quite corner]
Thierry Umutoni: The president is dead. Four of six joint chiefs, VP missing. Reports of ganglands on the streets of the capital, there are parties of hanging. The bigger cities are worst off, the airlines were the perfect delivery system.
[Thierry leads Gerry to a command post, Gerry sees the updates of lost cities and projected human loss on large monitors, he sees lots of soldiers taking calls of incidents being reported around the world]
Argus Sailor #1: Have you recorded any incidents where a person was not infected?
Argus Sailor #2: How the hell do I know if Russia's falling? Sir I cannot action that order. Colonel, I'm sorry but we cannot facilitate an evacuation for you or your family.
Argus Sailor #1: Sir, there is nowhere to evacuate you to.
[they look at the large monitor showing cities around the world after they've been infected]
Thierry Umutoni: Malnutrition, dirty water, no gas for the winter or transportation, no bullets to fight. It has spread to all corners of the globe.
[Gerry and Thierry overhear UN delegates having a discussion about the zombie outbreak]
UN Delegate #1: The question we've got to address is, what the hell is it?
UN Delegate #2: And that five percent of the population aren't affected immediately.
Andrew Fassbach: It's viral. It has to be viral. There is no plausible alternative. And like any virus, once we find its origin we can develop a vaccine.
[to Gerry]
Thierry Umutoni: That's Dr. Fassbach. A virologist from Harvard.

[Gerry and Thierry listen in on Fassbach's discussion with the UN Delegates]
Andrew Fassbach: An analogy I keep coming back to, is Spanish Flu.
UN Delegate #3: Spanish Flu?
Andrew Fassbach: It didn't exist in 1918, but by 1920 it killed three percent of the world.
[to Gerry]
Thierry Umutoni: He's our best bet in figuring out what this thing is.
[back to the UN Delegates discussion]
UN Delegate #4: You all read the same e-mail I did. It said zombies.
[suddenly everyone starts talking over each other; Thierry turns to Gerry]
Thierry Umutoni: So the early exclamation of the word "zombie" was sent in a memo from Camp Humphreys in South Korea. We haven't had contact with them since, but this could lead us to the origin. If we knew where this thing started, then we'd have a chance of developing a vaccine to stop it. So we're sending Dr. Fassbach to head straight for the source.
[Gerry looks at Fassbach]
Gerry Lane: He's just a kid.
Thierry Umutoni: You're right.

[the Naval Commander enters the command post]
Navy SEAL Commander: Captain on deck!
Naval Commander: At ease!
[the Commander walks up to Thierry and Gerry]
Naval Commander: Mr. Undersecretary.
[to Gerry]
Naval Commander: Your Secretary here says you were his best investigator when you were with the UN. I wanna send you in, with a team. Help Dr. Fassbach find whatever it is he needs.
[to Thierry]
Gerry Lane: No problem?
World War Z QuotesThierry Umutoni: I wanted you to face the circumstances we've put ourselves in...
Gerry Lane: No.
[to the commander]
Gerry Lane: Captain, I'm not your guy.
Naval Commander: You were on the ground during the Liberian Civil War, investigating Chechen war crimes. Sri Lanka in '07. Places you and I both know Dr. Fassbach wouldn't last a night in.
Thierry Umutoni: Gerry, a handful of SEALs will go with your security force.
Gerry Lane: No.
Naval Commander: My guys will get you in, you assist the doctor, pursue any leads, my guys will get you out. We do the heavy lifting.
Gerry Lane: I can't help you. I can't leave my family.
Naval Commander: Take a look around here, Mr. Lane. Each and every one of these people are here because they serve a purpose. There's no room here for non-essential personnel. There's a long line of people waiting for one of those bunks.
[there's a moment's pause]
Naval Commander: You want to help your family, let's figure out how we stop this. It's your choice, Mr. Lane.
Gerry Lane: That simple.

[later, Gerry and Karin discuss the Commander's offer to Gerry]
Karin Lane: You don't work for them anymore.
Gerry Lane: Karin.
Karin Lane: You might not be able to remember what this job did to you, but I do. So, do not ask me to say yes to this.
Gerry Lane: I have to go. They're gonna kick us off the ship.
Karin Lane: What?
Gerry Lane: If I go, you, the girls, Tommy will have a place to stay. If I don't...we'll be back in Philly tonight.
Karin Lane: What uh...what...what about Thierry? Can't he do anything?
Gerry Lane: What can he do? Thierry isn't in charge of anything anymore.
[Gerry gives Karin a satellite phone]
Gerry Lane: Keep this with you. Call me once a day. As long as I make that call everything's gonna be okay.
[Karin looks at Gerry with tears in her eyes]
Gerry Lane: I'm coming back. Okay? We're gonna make the best of it.
Karin Lane: Yes, we do.
Gerry Lane: Like we do.
[Karin embraces Gerry]

[in their bunk, Gerry says goodbye to the girls and Tomas]
Gerry Lane: Okay, baby doll. Dad's gotta go to work.
Constance Lane: I'm not a baby.
Gerry Lane: Okay. Adult, beautiful, tiny adult. I'll be back soon.
[Gerry kisses Constance on her head, he then turns to Tomas]
Gerry Lane: Alright, tough guy. Take care of the ladies for me?
Tomas: Yeah.
[Gerry and Tommy high five and fist pump]
Gerry Lane: You're awesome.
[Gerry turns to Rachel, lying asleep in her bunk bed, he whispers in her ear]
Gerry Lane: Daddy's coming back.
[Gerry and Karin leave the bunk, Karin and Gerry kiss and embrace before Gerry leaves]
Soldier: This way, sir.

[as the military cargo plane takes off, Gerry saves Karin's satellite phone number under 'Home' and Karin saves Gerry's number at the same time; later as they are flying to South Korea Gerry looks at Fassbach]
Gerry Lane: Look, we don't know what we're walking into, so we do what they say.
[pointing to SEAL Commander sat opposite them]
Gerry Lane: Okay. They move, we move. They stop, we stop. If things were to get crazy, just focus on their boots, focus on their voices, we'll be alright.
Andrew Fassbach: Mm-hmm.
Gerry Lane: These guys are hammers. And to hammers, everything looks like nails.
Navy SEAL Commander: I heard that.
Gerry Lane: You were meant to.
[to Fassbach]
Gerry Lane: So, you see something that's important, you call it out. We'll make it happen.
Andrew Fassbach: Okay.
Gerry Lane: Think we're gonna find anything?
Andrew Fassbach: Yeah. Yeah, we're gonna find something. Mother Nature is a serial killer. No one's better, more creative. Like all serial killers, she can't help the urge to want to get caught. And what good are all those brilliant crimes if no one takes the credit? So she leaves crumbs. Now the hard part, why you spend a decade in school, is seeing the crumbs, for the clues there. Sometimes, the thing you thought was the most brutal aspect of the virus, turns out to be the chink in its element. And she loves disguising her weaknesses as strengths.
[Fassbach pauses and smiles]
Andrew Fassbach: She's a bitch.

[back on the U.N. Command Ship as Karin leads the girls and Tomas to go get some food, they see people being gathered on deck of the ship]
Announcement on Deck: All non-essential personnel need to report to the flight deck for relocation. Again, all non-essential personnel, need to report to the flight deck. Choppers are inbound for immediate relocation.
[Karin, the girls and Tomas go to the ship's mess hall to queue for food]
Constance Lane: Mommy, is this dinner?
Karin Lane: Yes, sweetheart?
Constance Lane: The water tastes funny.
Argus Sailor #1: It's jet fuel, young lady.
Karin Lane: He's joking.
Argus Sailor #2: I wish. Detail has trouble filtering it out. Probably because there's too many people on this ship.

[as the cargo plane approaches Camp Humphreys at night]
C130 Pilot: Everybody wake up. We're on approach to Camp Humphreys. Most of the base is dark and no one is manning the tower.
[Gerry and Fassbach wake up]
C130 Pilot: We're running on fumes so there's really no choice, we gotta put us down. Buckle up.
[the team touches down in the dark in Camp Humphreys, the team of navy SEALS lead out of the plane first with Gerry and Fassbach behind them; to Fassbach, who's holding a gun in his hand]
Gerry Lane: Hold up. Keep your finger off the trigger.
[there's a moments pause]
Gerry Lane: Okay.
[the team cautiously exits down the plane's ramp and look around them, suddenly they are attacked by a zombies, the SEALs start shooting at them, Fassbach, looking frightened, runs back up the ramp]
Gerry Lane: Fassbach, wait!
[as Fassbach runs up the plane's ramp he slips and shoots himself dead]
Gerry Lane: Dammit.
[a group of soldiers from Camp Humphreys appears and saves Gerry and the SEALs]
Captain Speke: What is it? What happened to him?
Gerry Lane: He slipped. He's dead.
Captain Speke: Come on, come on! Let's go! Let's go!
[Gerry follows the SEALs as they run towards the camp]

[as Gerry and the team of navy SEALs enter the camp]
Captain Speke: I want an ammo count and then you reload your mags.
Camp Humphrey's Soldier #1: Yes, sir.
Captain Speke: The boy who just died out there, he was twenty-three. He was twenty- three. You wanna tell me why?
World War Z QuotesGerry Lane: The guy just shot himself. He's a doctor, a virologist.
Captain Speke: What are you talking about?
Gerry Lane: He was supposed to be our best hope.
Camp Humphrey's Soldier #1: Well he's not our best hope anymore.
Gerry Lane: Hey, I got volunteered to come here. I didn't have to, you know? None of them did. We have to figure out what the hell this thing is.
Captain Speke: Well, shit happens.
Gerry Lane: The doctor would've strongly agreed.
C130 Pilot: How do we go about refueling?
Captain Speke: When I say so, and very carefully.
Gerry Lane: The noise, are they drawn to it?
Captain Speke: Yeah. Sound draws them. Body shots only seem to slow them down. Head shots do the trick, but just to be safe, we tend to burn them when we can.

Camp Humphrey's Soldier #1: You fought any Zeek yet?
Gerry Lane: Yeah.
Captain Speke: Where?
Gerry Lane: Philly, Newark.
Captain Speke: Gone?
[Gerry doesn't reply, indicating that it is]
Camp Humphrey's Soldier #2: What about Houston?
Camp Humphrey's Soldier #3: St. Louis?
Camp Humphrey's Soldier #4: Baltimore?
Camp Humphrey's Soldier #5: Atlanta?
Camp Humphrey's Soldier #6: Detroit?
Gerry Lane: Guys, I'll be honest with you, I don't know if any place back home is doing very well.
Captain Speke: Alright. So if the other guy's a virologist, what do you do?
Gerry Lane: There was a memo, sent from this installation, eleven days ago. It had the word "zombie" in it. Do you know anything about it?
Captain Speke: Yeah. It was an e-mail, not a memo. Pretty obvious nobody back home bothered to read it.

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